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We are specialists in the natural art of henna body decoration. We provide wholesale and retail henna in its natural and synthetic forms. Our products are imported from around the world. We cover vast distances to provide you the most versatile and decorative patterns.




About Henna

Henna is a substance which comes from the plant "Lawsonia inermis", a perennial shrub native to Africa and Asia. The henna plant can grow to a height of 6 metres and blossoms fragrant white or red flowers. Since it is a natural product, there are no known side effects. Henna has been used in India, the Middle East and Africa for beautifying the skin, as a natural healing therapy, body art and also as a natural dye. Its tradition can be traced to the middle east where it was used during the times of the Pharoes. In the twelfth century the Moghuls became so impressed with henna that they transported the plant from Arabia to India - where it became embedded in local tradition and eastern culture.

Painless temporary tattoos. Cutting edge. Cool. Painless. Fun. No needles, just a paste. What was in this month might be out the next, so with Mehndi a lifetime commitment (like real tattoos) is not necessary as the designs fade within a 1-4 weeks depending on where the designs are placed and how long you leave the henna paste on. No artistic talent needed! If you can draw squiggly lines or write names you can be a Mehndi artist. Stencils are great for intricate patterns as well.

  We have a wide selection of the very best henna products on the market today and many exclusive only to Henna World. Our products range from the most natural and finely selected henna powder imported from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, henna tattoos, liquid henna, henna hairdye, exclusive henna kits, henna design book, henna paste, fresh henna cone paste, henna stencils, henna hair color...

Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us at Henna World. We offer full refunds on all products guaranteed. We are affiliated with the e-commerce merchant trading organisation CCNow. Use our secure online service with CCNow to order any of the products.


We are a UK based company, our Headquarters:
12 Campbell Road, Manchester, M13 0PR, England UK.
Tel:(+44) 0161 256 6586


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