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  1. All exhibits must belong to the exhibitor.

  2. The Committee reserves the right to visit the exhibitor's gardens.

  3. The Committee may refuse any entry, without explanation.

  4. The diameter of a pot or pan is the inside measurement, as near the top as possible.

  5. Stems must reach the water where cut material is used.

  6. Number or quantity of an exhibit must be as stated.

  7. An exhibit must conform with the wording of the schedule.

  8. Only one entry per class is allowed by each exhibitor or household in horticultural sections.

  9. Only one exhibit per class is allowed by each exhibitor in non-horticultural classes.

  10. Prizes may be withheld if exhibits are not worthy of a prize.

  11. Decisions of the judges on merits of an exhibit is final, but the Committee reserves to itself decisions on other points in dispute.

  12. Any protests, in writing, must be given to Show Secretary within one hour of the opening of Show.

  13. After judging, no exhibit may be altered or removed before end of show, except by special permission of the Show Secretary.

  14. The Society is not liable for compensation for loss or damage from any cause to exhibits or property, including cancellation of a Show.

  15. Points value of prizes: First: 4 pts; Second: 3 pts; Third: 2pts. (Except Summer Show Class 1: First: 8 pts; Second: 6 pts; Third: 4 pts.)

  16. Collection of Vegetables (Summer Show Class 1): The following table shows vegetables with points values and quantities to be shown.

  17. Late entries (submitted after the closing date)will be charged at 20p (except children's). The Show Secretary reserves the right to decline entries submitted later than 9.30 am on the day of the Show.

Point Values and Quantities

 6 beans, broad  15 pts  3 leeks  20 pts
 6 beans, dwarf  15 pts  2 lettuces  15 pts
 6 beans, runner  18 pts  3 marrows  15 pts
 3 beetroots  15 pts  3 onions (8 oz or under)  15 pts
 3 onions (over 8oz)  20 pts  3 rhubarb  12 pts
 3 parsnips  20 pts  2 cabbages  15 pts
 9 pods. peas  20 pts  3 carrots (long)  20 pts
 3 carrots (other)  18 pts  4 potatoes  20 pts
 1 cauliflower  20 pts  12 shallots  18 pts
 4 courgettes  10 pts  3 tomatoes (standard)  18 pts
 1 cucumber  18 pts  6 tomatoes (cherry)  12 pts

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