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Good News
Saturday, 25 February 2012
Mail Bag Days
Mood:  a-ok
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Topic: Just Life!

Somedays take off like you are a railway are hooked into it and you hang on for the ride! T.J.Terry

This morning I slept later than usual, thus missing my morning walk with Buster...I was a bit hurried and made into work at opening (Usually I'm Early) 

I had this vision of the old Railway Mail Bags, and how they were set un a turnstile and hooked by the train as it went by. It was an old system of post that has been replaced with many other numerous ways of delivery..Not sure if it is still done in rural areas...

Yet today I felt like that bag, just hooked and hanging...going along for the ride...flapping in the wind!

And as was this morning I had a start-off snafu and figured it was all smooth the rest of the day..and it was pretty much so...

Times have changed, and though the technology levels are amazing and we can accomplish more..we take on more and rise to What Dr. Peter called the Peter Principle...Meaning one rises to their own level of incompetence...

On these mailbag days I think it is easy to feel You do not have a thumb on the pulse of things...It is a test of faith!

Yet as You press through in faith and not by sight You usually come out on the positive side of things...though somedays the ride is a little bit longer than You want to last...

I see people going through these things everyday. Businesses downsized workforces and peple overloaded with duties..and in a lot of cases most will be understanding to their plight because they are going through the same thing also!

I have a great boss who has the same wild sense of humor I have and that helps greatly...also on breaks I read a fellow writer's blogs of Her humor lightened me up also! 

So really no point to my meanderings other than that we be open minded to other's plights....and knowing that they like us are probably having a cruddy day also!

So on those days "Mailbag Days" Prayer helps and doing Your best to hold fast to what You need to do, trying to be a little light hearted, and having done Your best to let God care for the rest....

Blessings In Him, Brother Tim


Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 1:08 AM EST
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