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Good News
Sunday, 5 February 2012
Feb. 1st. 2012
Now Playing: Meanderings...In praise of God's gift of pets.
Topic: Just Life!

I normally should be asleep, as it has been a long day, but I realized I needed to make a Safeway run for some Almond milk and bread etc. Well You always end up buying more than what You went for but if You shop well it's worth it.

Today has been a reflective one for went well, and I picked up a couple of frames for later use...but since I paint therefore I frame :D When I came home for lunch Buster was laying there waiting on me..Sharp dog, he keeps better time than a watch does. :) Well there he was not wanting for the yard, but laying there just wanting me to rub him down. I must say I have learned so much about life and myself, from parenting him over the last 4.5 years since the day I first saw him . 

I was on the heels of a divorce and burned out from doing social work related abuse and neglect work. Hinging on depression and whittled down to near nothing in many ways... I was getting out of it to do something else as a sanity saver and was working out my notice. There was Buster at a day home, I was to pick a child up at...I commented on how handsome a puppy he was, and the owner hinted at getting rid of him. I gave her my card and said ( not believing she would) if she decided to part with him to call me.. She did the next day...Buster his leashes, collar, bowls, and wading pool which I could not fit in my car....

Buster had another name, which I felt did not I named him Buster. I got the name from the movie "A River Runs THrough It". One of my favorites..a crusty gal by the name of "Old Rawhide" said to Brad Pitt and his Brother "Buster here wants to fish" talking of her there You have it....I did not realize I was being Prophetic at the time, but if I ever got anything right it was naming him Buster, for a Buster he has been! :))

 I just loved him from the start, even when he would snatch the brahs and panties of the fellow lady tenants' off the clothes line and play with them...even when he would dig three foot deep holes in the yard with the Landlord scolding him, and even when he chewed up my cell phone and a pair of glasses. I was just glad he did not get hurt.

Now here years later I can still look at him with a glint of that puppy in his face, and slightly slower than at a year, but a little more settled than before...still the best watchdog, yet not as reactive to the passersby as when he was a pup. He's solid and healthy, and as I have said before his dedication to me demands of my dedication to him...

I have seen unconditional love in Buster, and I have been thankful that God has blessed me with him. I always said if I were to get serious and settle down again that Buster and I are a package deal! :))) No lie!

So my little blog posting today is just some meanderings about my dog, my best friend! 

Tonight when I came home from Safeway there I saw the dim light glinting off his eyes as I laid down his bedding for him, realizing how thankful I am for this responsibility..and he was just wanting me to rub him down...

I am thankful for a lot of things, and who am I to complain? It all could have been worse, but it has been very good! God has been very good to me, and has helped me make a lot of since of things I once questioned. So thanks for dropping by and letting me share, I hope You drop by again...or drop me an email! 

Blessings, In Him, Tim




Posted by indie/hanaisonmusic at 3:42 PM EST
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