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The Halifax Burlesque Society has disbanded! After a great run, we have decided to call it quits under the name of HBS. Many of our original performers have moved away, the feel and spirit of our shows have changed, and Burlesque itself is changing. Burlesque in Halifax will continue under different names, but HBS as we know it is no more.

Thank you for making our final farewell bash
such an incredible success!

Many of our performers are still up and at it,
so check out our Performers page for a list of bawdy burlesquers.
You can contact us under our email address

Photo: Eric Boutilier-Brown

Founded in November 2003 by the fabulous Jinx Jezebelle, The Halifax Burlesque Society was a non-profit organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our members were a constantly changing group of self-motivated, creative people. We came together every few months to put on a sexy, hilarious, and exciting burlesque show to a sold-out crowd. Our shows created controversy and dialogue, while opening minds and creating a venue for creative grassroots entertainment here in Halifax. As a non-profit organization, we donated all of our profits to local charities.

  • To provide entertainment that has not yet been explored in Halifax.
  • To bring together a diverse group of people to perform their talents, both on stage and in production.
  • To provide a space where people can display a creative performance with sexual overtones and feel empowered.
  • To promote a positive image of sexuality
  • To give to the community in a way that reflects the objectives.

  • We believe in creating our own cheap entertaiment, outside the box.
  • We believe in amateurs, immatures, and professionals. (Some of us are all three).
  • We belive in the power of burlesque to make erotic performance and nudity legitimate forms of expression. We emphasize that finding sexy dancing and stripping enjoyable are not nessecarily perverted (while some of us work to keep it that way)!
  • We are for anyone and everyone getting up on stage. Your size, looks, gender, race, sexuality, etc. are irrelevent, and there are no auditons.
  • We support the right for performers to do what they want with their body hair.
  • In traditional burlesque fashion, we mock. Humor is a subversive tool.
  • We are silk and pearls over tassles, evening gowns and leather, ballroom dancing and crotch flashing; low brow, high class empowered sluts who can't go too low or sit too high. Screw conventional notions of sexuality and gender!

If you'd like to be in one of our shows, book us for an event,
or request information, please contact us at:

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