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All-girl (rock) Bands who actually play instruments:
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L7 Elastica The Suffrajets Fluffy Twist It is not fiction...they do exist!!

These are some bands GiRl MuSo have actually heard of - there are loads more listed on

Fluffy (UK) - have now split up

The Suffrajets (UK)

Twist (UK) - have now split up or Twist xtra info

The Donnas (US)

Babes in Toyland (US)

The Skirts (US)

Sleater Kinney (US)

7 Year Bitch (US)

Le Tigre (US) - Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill's latest project

L7 (US)

Huggy Bear (UK)

Lunachicks (US)

Shonen Knife

Tampasm (UK)

The Halo Friendlies

Sahara Hotnights (Sweden)The female version of The Hives?

Chicks on Speed or xtra info

Electrelane or xtra info

>>> Older Bands

The Runaways


The Go Go's

The Bangles

Babes in Toyland Hole Jack Off Jill Here are some bands who used to be all-girl but have recruited a bloke...(or who are almost all-girl)

Kittie (US)

Hole (US)

Bikini Kill (US) Riot Grrl

Elastica (UK)

Kenickie (UK)

Lush (UK) - see also Sing Sing

Sugar Coma

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