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Steve Whalen

Steve Whalen is one of a select few people blessed with the ability to have an incredible singing voice that can be blended from one style of music to another. He says he began performing at an early age and credits his talent to his father, who was originally from Newfoundland, and had played in a number of local bands. Steve at first, started singing harmonies and playing drums with his dad. He says "I remember the first time I went on stage to play. I was 15. It was quite a site to be sitting in front of 150 people, but to me it was like 150,000. I was just a little guy playing the drums and I remember the excitement of looking out and seeing the people and getting excited about what I was doing. That sucked me right in right there." In the years to follow, Steve started his own band with his sister Wendy on guitar, brother Tommy on vocals and long time friend Ray Dunnan on bass.

They called the band Justice, but later found out there was already a group by that name.

So the group changed their name to Southern Justice, based on their love of 70's oriented Southern Rock, from such American based bands as Lynyrd Sknyrd and Molly Hatchet. Although he enjoyed playing drums, Steve decided to move up to vocals and became the bands front man, after his brother left the group. Now Steve says he enjoys being where he is, "I'd rather be out front, as that's where you get to interact with people, but now and then I do miss the drums. Although that band has since split up, Steve has not slowed down any. He recently took over the vocal duties of Julian Austin's former band "The Austinators." "Steve is probably one of the best lead singers I've worked with in my career," says bass player Darrel Chambers, from The Austinators. "He gets the crowd going and gets the band going too with what ever tunes we're doing".

Drummer Mike Porelle also shared Darrel's feelings" He is a very good front-man and he is also a drummer, so I got to keep on my toes," laughed Porelle. Steve says he loves to sing, and feels very fortunate he gets to make a living doing what he loves the most, singing.

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