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Photo above Fear Absolute

Check out CKTP 95.7 FM every Thursday at 8pm with host Chris Mercer, for the best in local music.

(Note: This page is no longer being updated)


Local group Dinoisus has called it quits after nearly 10 years. This great band will be sadly missed.

Another venue that features live music, Pitchman's Pub in Kings Place Mall has closed up shop.

Push has another new drummer. Joining the band is Derek McLaughlin, who is the former drummer with Since August. Fredericton hip-hop artist Pimp Tea has released his latest cd. For more info visit his website at

Due to rising insurance rates The Chestnut Club has gone out of business and closed it doors.

For a limited time, specially marked cases of Budweiser Beer sold in NB will contain a True Music booklet with a PIN number that enables fans to download three tracks from a library playlist at The site features music from a host of emerging talent, including the Fredericton rock band Oval Window.

One of the founding members of Slyde, lead guitarist Mark Busson has left the group. They are currently looking for a replacement. Slyde will also be changing the band name and doing some recording in the near future.

Chris Nettleton is now living in Banff, Alberta.

Fredericton has a new talent agency that can assist musicians with everything from bookings to other business related items. Visit their site hereTalent East

Since August has decided to call it quits states a message posted on their web site,: "During the past 6 years we have met a lot of great people along our travels, and have memories and friends to last a lifetime. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the band over its history."

Fredericton's newest band Hopeful Melancholy recently released their debut EP. The band consists of: Corey Melanson, bass; Pat Pelletier, drums; Paul MacIntosh, keyboards; Dave Csaszar, guitar and vocals; and James Gauthier, guitar. Their EP was recorded at James's studio on Sheffield.

Drums Etc Magazine, which is a Canada wide publication out of Montreal features an article on Karma drummer Allison Hovey this month. Free copies can be picked up at Tony's Music Box and Hugga Guitar.

Since August has a new EP out.

Past News 2003

James Morrison has left Slyde to join Oval Window, his replacement is Troy Fulton, formerly of the Danny Mainstreet Band.

Dionisus recently wrapped up their very first cross Canada tour.

Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall Amplifers made a stop at Hugga Guitar on Main Street October 4th to sign amps and photos.

Freddy's Rock Pile CD is now out. Some of the groups who are included on the CD include Queencab, Moment of Inertia, Grand Theft Bus, The Danny Mainstreet Band, Oval Window, Slyde, Morahambi, 283, Missing, Shayde, Givenstone, El Diablo, Das Radio, Pimp T, Dionisus, Fat Jebus and Since August. You can pick copy up at Digital World and Backstreet Records. It is also in the UNB Frosh packs for new students.

The Upperdeck/Moe's is now open under new name Nicky Zee's/Brickhouse and will be featuring live music again

Givenstone has now released their first 5 song CD EP. Copies are available at the bands gigs.

The Chris Nettleton Band has changed their name to Givenstone.

Fredericton has a new metal band called Obsidian Reign featuring Rob Adams formerly of Kaos on guitar. Check out their web site

Catch Remedy this Tuesday morning on Breakfast Television, 7:00-8:30am on ASN. They will be doing "My Baby & Me", and "Worried Blues"

Guitarist Jon Price has decided to leave the band Slyde to join Since August. The group will be seeking a new guitarist, applications for auditions are available by e-mailing : Please include a name and phone number where they can be reached.

Oval Window have just released there debut CD entitled "Circling the Drain." which is now getting airplay on Fox FM. is their web site.

I'm sad to report that Morahambi has split up. No reason given at this time.

The Daily Gleaner is doing a full page feature on 4 local bands, one each week starting Thursday, January, 23rd featuring Slyde, 31st was Since August, Feb 6, Shayde, Feb 15 Hot Toddy. You can view them on under entertainment. More to come.

Since August guitarist,Pat Walsh has left the band. Pat came to a decision after the national tour that he wanted to go back to University and finish his education degree.

2002 NEWS

The 2003 Fox FM Calendars are now out and feature black and white photos of a number bands (past and present) from the Fredericton Music Scene, including: Naked Lunch, SVT, Slyde, Downtown Blues Band, Since August, Redeye, Hot Toddy, Buck Shot, Sho-Gun, Freightliner, George Street Project, Berry and the Remains, The Golden Bel-Airs and many others. You can pick up a free copy from Fox FM on Rookwood Ave.

Dionisus has decided to part ways with bass player and friend Mark Richardson. "We part with and still hold strong to the same respect, trust and love we began with," says guitarist Pierre Breau.

The Downtown Blues Band have just relased their debut CD.

Slyde has been added to Canadian rotation on Fox 105.3 FM with their new single "Nothing" on Fox's drive at 5 .

Local band 283 was recently featured on the Much Music show Going Costal. They performed in Halifax at the Halifax Pop Explosion in early Oct.

Congrats to The Missing on the release their debut CD titled "Last Man Standing".

FEAR ABSOLUTE has signed a deal with a small indie label out of Halifax called DISCORPORATE MUSIC. Tentative release date for the new CD "Apprehension" is Spring, 2003.

The late September reunion shows by Dreamkick were very successful. The band says thanks to all who turned out to see them at the Chestnut and Bugaboo Creek. Go to for photos of the shows.

A grand total of 3 people turned out in mid Aug at Bugaboo Creek Pub to see Calgary based band Guerrilla Funk Monster. The band put on a great show despite the sparce crowd

Late 80's early 90's Oromocto rock band DreamKick will reunite for a couple of shows in Fredericton in September. Band members include Chris Waddell (now living in Vancouver), Patrice Pelletier, Mike Dunn, Doug Gibbon and Pete Gillies. for more info

Fredericton's Canada Day outdoor concert this year was very successful. We featured 10 bands on two stages including Chris Nettleton Band, Morahambi, Hot Toddy, Steve Whalen and the Austinators, 5 O' Clock Somewhere, Mayhem's Clan, First Cool Hive, Jon Soderman Band, Out of Nowhere and Joanne Ashfield. Thanks to everyone who performed or came out to this event.

Photo right: Pat Cronin from Out of Nowhere from Oromocto

Aubrey Hanson, one of the province's best loved entertainers, has died.

Aubrey was regarded by many to be the backbone of country music in the province. A tireless performer, he played since the '40s as the leader of the Country Ramblers and did countless concerts for charity. He also gave many New Brunswick artists their first public exposure in concerts and on his radio and television shows. Hanson, with his weatlth of knowledge of the history of music in the province, founded the New Brunswick Country Music Hall of Fame. He died after a lengthy period of poor health.

A concert was recently held at the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel to kick off the release of the first ever River Jam CD. Artists on the CD include Fredericton's Downtown Blues Band, Soul Purpose, and The George Street Project, along with The Beechwood Beaters from Woodstock, Southside Shuffle from Saint John and Sheldon Gordon from Oromocto. The CD is on sale for $15 throughout the area.

Former Julian Austin steel guitarist and Fredericton musician Ira Frederick Morehouse, 37, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his former spouse Christine, 45, who died in her home in Ogden, Alberta on April 24, 2002. In 1999 Moorehouse was nominated for CCMA Steel Guitarist of the Year Award in 99, when he was a member of The Austinators. No trial date has been set.

I recently got backstage to meet blues legend BB King in Saint John at Harbour Station and did a brief interview with him, which is now up on my interview site.

The new Message Board is up and running now. Feel free to post any musical instruments you have for sale, or if your looking for a band member or a musician looking to find a band to join, etc.

Fredericton's Fox FM Music Director Pat Slaney, recently had a brush with a rock legend, when he met none other than the man himself, Ozzy Osbourne in Montreal, as well as meeting guitarist ZakkWylde. "It was a certainly a thrill meeting them," Slaney said afterwards. So if you want to meet rock stars everyone, get a job in media.

Congratulation to all the bands who performed at the CHSR Battle of the Bands at the Chestnut March 23. 1st place - The Greg Harrison Experiment (all expense trip to Halifax to play at Battle of the Bands at The Attic) 2nd place. Morahambi - ($700 GC from Music Stop in Moncton) 3rd Place - Not Yet Dead ($400 GC from Hug a Guitar (formerly Freddy's Music, northside). All the bands played great and were winners in one way or another. Other groups who put on a great show include: Pimp T and the Skunky Funk, Monday Conspiracy, Next of Seven, Scapegoatz, Darkcide, The Bruce's, Slaughter of Saints (formerly Kaos), Drop D', Zero Gravity, dasradio, Low'down and Breathe (from Ontario)

Well known local musician Hughie Yorke passed away Monday, March 4, 2002 at his home in Fredericton of natural causes. Hughie was known for his musical talent and was a favorite at the New Brunswick Country Showcase at the Playhouse and at the Country Junction on the Hanwell Road. Born in Parrsboro, NS, York toured Atlantic Canada regularly with the Halifax based band Saddletramp for many years. In the last few years he played with a local band called Sugarfoot with fellows musicians Bubs Brown, Wayne Hashey, Gerry McCarty and Terry Emery. He will be sadly missed.

Since August has been selected to showcase at the 2002 NEMO music showcase in Boston MA. The weekend long showcase runs April 11-13th. Their second single 'Too Gone' has now been released.

Slydeís debut CD is now out. The title track "Scream" has been getting some airplay on Fox FM. "To hear a song that you wrote on the radio is pretty intense," says band member Mark Busson, who is also the groups chief songwriter. They recently performed at the Chestnut opening for Canadian rock icons Honeymoon Suite.

Metal band KAOS has changed their name to Slaughter of Saints and founding member Rob Adams has left the band.

Deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of the late Shane Morehouse who passed away suddenly in mid February. Shane was the husband of Ripples, New Brunswick singer Debby Roy. He was also her guitar player and operated a recoding studio called RMI Productions. Shane was a talented musician and will certainly be missed by all who knew him.

Fredericton singer/songwriter J.R Vautour has been nominated for a Juno Award for best "New Country Artist/Group." The show will take place in St. John's, Newfoundland on Sunday, April 14th. "It's nice when the industry applauds what you are doing, because without all these things you couldn't have a career," Vautour said excitedly after hearing the news that he had been nominated. He will also be heading to Nashville in March to do some recording there.

The Missing are recording their debut CD at Real North Studios with Juno Award-winning producer Lloyd Hanson. It will feature 10 songs. (6 new ones, 4 favorites).

Steve Whalen is now the official vocalist for Julian Austinís former band The Austinators. The band is currently deciding on a new name.

Dionisus is currently recording and EP at Real North Recording Studios with Producer Lloyd Hanson. They were a big hit when they headlined the Friday night Much Music Rock Stage at the ECMAís in Saint John at Tapps Pub. See the February 1st edition of The Northside News for my article on them. Great stuff guys!

The Bill McCauley tribute concert held the weekend of January 18th and 19th at Dolanís Pub raised $10,000 for a scolarship program for music students at Leo Hayes Highschool. Organizer Neil Woodiwiss and Brian Lean wishes to thank all that participated, helped out or took-in this great event. For more info visit the tribute page on the Fredericton Bandís homepage.

Despite repeated attempts to revive my old cable program "Friday Night Rocks," Rogers has no plans to give it the green-light, or any program that features live music. The show ran from 1993-99 and was given the axe when Fundy sold out to Shaw Cable which was then purchased by Rogers out of Ontario. We ran over 100 shows that gave much needed exposure to bands and musicians throughout the province.

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