To The Ones I Have Hurt

I just wanted to take the time here to say a few words to those I consider(ed) friends..

I did something that I am not particularly proud of..I wasn't a little white lie...something like that is easy to forgive...I pretended to be someone I wasn't. Now this is the internet..and well I guess we fully realise the capabilities we ALL have to manipulate and deceive in this little fantasy world...I took advantage of that...

The person you befriended, although tucked safely inside a false body..even gender...the core to this person was me...the person you see here now..No more more manipulation...well.. I guess what I am trying to say have the chance to get to know the real me here..I feel everybody deserves another chance..You may not neccessarily trust me again..that I can accept and deal with...but I can guarantee you WILL like me...and I will not disappoint you.

I am sorry...those words seem so insignificant don't they? Anyone I have offended, hurt or made to feel used...I just hope it is something you can forgive...what's done is done and I will not be continually punished for have something to say to me..please say it..get it all out...I appreciate that much more than snide comments here and there.

Anyway...what more can I say..I will try to repair bridges...but I am not going to beg for forgiveness or anything...that is just not my style...YOU have to figure out whether I have done something so wrong that it can't be buried...

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