I have you...unrestrained, yet you feel compelled to stay...did you ever stop to wonder why? Come now *pats the lounge* sit and let me entertain you for a while...and, if you leave feeling empty handed or abused....sue me....but, best be standing in line ;)

Welcome..*smiles* I am Rebecca, and this is my dot.com *L* Sorry, I had to do that...any Aussies will know what I am talking about :) You are visitor number whatever to enter this den of sin. Whether you stay or go is really no concern of mine..to be quite honest...The word concern is highly overrated, don't you think? I am not in any particular order, as you may or may not already know...Many attempts have been made to "work me out" ...most failed mind you.

Let me into your head....I promise you no harm...apart from that which you may bring onto yourself....There is nothing like the workings of the mind to keep one amused...*nods* I can play the clown...and you will laugh...I could touch somewhere deep inside you....and you wouldn't know it...until it came time to say goodbye...

Do you think vagina is a strange word? *chew on her lip* It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does it? Anyone that can think of a non-offensive replacement....email me, and if it is acceptable...you shall get a prize *nods* I will write to websters and tell them of my sinister plan to take over the dictionary underworld...Heh

Just for the record..

I will not be branded and labelled...I like to keep my options open...if that's okay with you..and if by chance it isn't...*shrugs* Tough shit...

I've had enough