These people...*smiles* are some of the most truly amazing souls..I have not the words nor the space to even come close to describing how much each individual here means to me...BUT..I shall do my best..In no particular order...well not really...


Where do I start? Will it ever end? *smiles* I sure as hell hope not..the first person to accept me for who I really was. You have taught me so much Meggin, and for being there at my side this whole time I will be eternally greatful.You know I love ya *licks*


My other half...or so it seems half the time...our connection amazes me Nan, I still can not believe you got numb fingertips that time when I was drunk *L* It seems our friendship was made to last, considering the shit we have gone through. You and Meg are the two people I would protect with my life without even having to think about it...Love you muchly *hugs*


Emely, Emely, Emely...*grins* Our drunken romps...steamy phone sex..I mean conversations and exchange of text has been one interesting experience...He discovered you and I will enjoy exploring the rest of your mind..Possibly the only person to call me "little one" and get away with it.


*sniffs yer //bc.gif * *LOOOOOL* God woman you crack me up!! Mah little gal pal that lives 30 mins away, yet I have not fucking met her...I swear the time is coming girl when I am going to drag your ass out for a game of pool and a few drinks...You have been warned! *grins* my dear are a breath of fresh air in my life..don't change...DINGO KILLEEEER heh


Wooooah....have we had one wild ride or what? Jojo...I guess now your the big sister, BUT you will forever be the runt of the litter in my eyes *grin* Ohhh to see you with a bottle of malibu is such a rare but incredibly momentous occasion...I corrupted you...and you love me for it! *L* I am here for you no matter what...*gnaws*


*LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL* The only person I know to be suspended and deopped more than me!! Damn bro you make me laugh and that is one of your more finer qualities *LMAO* Man I swear if I ever find IT I am going to send IT your way bitch!! This is the guy that created *ROTFLMGDAOCISFFPIMP* and still owe me a fucking prize for working that out assmasssssssssssster!!


*streaks through your ICQ history* Hmmm.....I swear you owe me one of those soon *grin* It has been both an honour and a pleasure knowing you Dee....our conversations...which are mostly like a seinfeld episode entertain me...and always leave me craving for more...I can't wait to finally meet you and pick your brain in person....drunk of course *laughs*


*tweaks yer bitch titties* are such an adorable kept me company even when I thought all the bridges had been burnt..I don't think you fully realise how much of an impact you had *smiles* You owe me lots of snuggles when I get over there boy!!


Ohhhh my....that accent *drools* I had a 3 way with Mikey and Meg..and let me tell you...when I first heard this guys voice...I had a permagrin...heh he sounds so *edible* apologised!!! Honestly, it took balls...I guess yer using my old ones?? *LOL* I hope we can wipe the slate and start over...I look forward to it anyway *smile*


Chris *hugs* You have been such a pleasant surprise....and a great guy...*smiles* I can't believe it took us this long to finally shake hands and be mature about things...but now that we have..I look forward to your friendship and tales about your travelling adventures...

King_CarlosIV said I had nice legs...that's enough to get you a mention in my books *chuckles* BUT aside from that...your a pretty cool guy...I must admit there used to be doubts in my head...but that is the past...*smiles* When one thinks of you then word charming springs to mind...*grins and puts up her shields* I shall not succumb...


We lost contact all those years ago, and now look where we are...isn't it funny how things work sometimes? *grins* You call me and wake me up...and I don't fact we spend half our time on the phone together...u haf sessi accent bebi...mi so horni *LOL* Everything happens for a reason..well I am just glad you are back in my life :)


How long has it been, Deb? 5 years? And we have come full-circle almost...*chuckles* Ahh our friendship always was a strange one...I think I recall you telling me one day that you don't keep female friends that well...Even after all this shit...we still talk...guess that is saying something huh? Everything do mean alot to me...even if I have strange ways of showing it...


MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *grins* Peter...your nick choices have had me in hysterics at are such a nut and you're loved for it *chuckles* If we ever meet though, you and I are going to go to an all you can eat and fatten you up...then it's on to beeeer and women *LOOOOL*


*belly rubs for mom and daughter* Ohhhh the joys of pregnancy *L* You are such a sweet woman...and you call me pretty you get a gold star *grins* And a cute accent to's be great having you as my friend and my shoulder is always around if you ever need it *S*


Kaffi...oh what to say....I know there are issues here...but I consider you a great were there for me in hard times and vice-versa..I don't want that to change....we have laughed, smiled, cried and been angry I got to wake you up one time with a call *grins* My constant hug supplier...snuggling with you was always fun *huuuuuuge hugs*


Ahh the time has flown. 5 years ex cyberwife *LOOOOL* And with all the shit that has gone on, you still tolerate me *L* I promise you that when I get to the States, you and I are going to get shitfaced...and go out *grins* AND you will wear the silk shirt without a bra.and I WILL get nipple action!


Rosieeeeeeeeeeeeee *lisses* My old school wench!! Still lurking around now and then...DAYUM girlie...remember the T or D rooms?? *LOOOL* OMG the stories I could tell...but I won't..I'll save that for blackmail material...heh


Woooooooah, what a fucking ride huh? I still think about ya Mik, and you will always have a soft spot there somewhere *S* Let's hope we are just as good at being friends as we were...well you know. You have a brilliant sense of humour and a backbone that I would kill for sometimes. But one thing, FUCK you are filthy, you woman have a mind fit for the porn industry *grins* Don't change....heh *hugs*


My Tasmanian sweetie *S* You have accepted me for who I am and for that I have much respect and love for you. You are seriously a crack up woman and have kept me company in my buffer on many a drunken rampage..Stay real my friend, you are a wonderful person and a great bud *hugeass hugs*


Quick shouts go to...

OdeK, SexyArmenian, Stunner, Tang_22, CareBear, Briony, honeybear, Harbinger, Princess, Newfie..and anyone else who I have forgotten...sorry..let me know and I will do my best to rectify it as soon as I can :)

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