ZZ Top

(this was supposed to be a free form poem, but i think it became more prose) "T-Tops"

Once Z-Z-Top bearded and full of laughter
he gave me my humor
and most of my smiles
Big Bird goes to China
yes, on that he was an expert.
if you were to ask either of us you would know
Snuffy was king when we ruled the afternoon. Going 130 in his Z-28 when i was 7
T-Tops off; hair and smiles flowing free.
"you can say those words as long as you're just singing along Hot Rod.
Punk Rock, who's this sung by?
oh you're so smart.
My little girl.
Ssh. don't tell your Momma.
She doesn't understand. He'd stay up late to watch SNL and Carrol Burnett,
just so i would go through life laughing
my goal in life was to make him laugh like that
i felt it was only right to stay up
and send him to bed with a laugh
when he worked until 1am
after all
he'd done so much for me And though we are seperated
by 45 minutes of lonlely highway, now
and though now he sports a goatee rather than being a rock star icon
we still drive 130
snuffy is still king
and we are still full of laughter