Intellectual Future

My friends and I, the "A-D" students of the world are the intellectual minds of the future. Amazing. Amazing that no one sees our beautiful genius because we are over-shadowed by voices heard, talking loudly, of what will be happening at the mall next weekend. What a dreadfully horrid life. As we sit and talk of the good conversations (a re-opening them again) which we had to the bookstore this Saturday night; they stare at us and wonder how talk of Hitler's good points and metaphorical perhapses could even begin to compare of the fun they had......and yet.....all we are capable of doing is the exact same to them. Amazing how the thing we have in common is the simplest of all things, human nature. Maybe this makes no sense because it is 3:30AM or maybe it's because i just finished watching a lucid dream and only now am i beginning to realize how close to reality it just may be.