Air Vents

She is sitting in her car
Her hair blowing in rhythm with the air conditioning vents

Brown with highlights

The window is....cracked
So she can stick the cigarette
held between her beautifully manicured fingers

her lips
Soft and red

Smile as she sings along to her radio, show teeth
square, white, perfect

Her eyes are full of life
cold and blue

although her body is still.
She looks at me
I stare akwardly

then smile

(I think i love you.)

Confused, she wonders if she has seen me somewhere before
(we realize together)

A kiss
a flick of hair
We shared our passions
(more than three years)

I still love you
i still love you

(the lights turn green)

She slowly looks forwards and drives ahead.
I change lanes and follow her

(Blinkers on early on purpose)

Parking lot
Doors open.