.:Cassie:. -- One Word : hilarious. She is one of the funniest people that i know. It's too bad that she graduated this year, and i'll probably never see her again and if i talk to her it won't be very much. I hate loosing friends like that.

.:Keely:. -- Keely is, in essence, my best friend. I met her freshman year, and she was my first real friend when i moved to my new city. She's funny, crazy, and open minded. I don't always agree with her and for that i am glad--i never learned anything from someone who agreed with me.

.:Jason:. -- :0) He is wonderful, althletic, and an inspiration. He has intrested me in things i never even though about before, and i think it applies both ways. We dated for a little over 2 years, and i hope to make it as friends many, many more. He is a teacher, a friend, a (ex-WONDERFUL) lover, and i hope never to loose that.

.:Bryan:. -- Bryan is Jason's best friend, and i can't blame him. Bryan is a great, level headed guy; and even though i have gotten mad at him for it before, i'm very glad that he is. He tends to be the voice of sanity when things go crazy, but that doesn't mean he is a stick in the mud by any means.

.:John:. -- No, John, you are not a psuedo friend! (hehe). John is a wonderfully cute guy, and is one of the few who will flirt with me because he knows that it doesn't mean anything. (although i admit if not for his girlfriend it probably would, haha! JUST KIDDING). John likes to think he lives in his own little wrold, but let's face it, i live there too!

.:Zach:. -- Zach is also great fun. A true comedian. He's also the best guitar player i have ever seen! a strong intrest for many things leads him to be an intresting person.

.:Brad:. -- Brad is Keely's boyfriend, but i have known him longer than that. With his crazy british roots he always knows how to make you laugh and he isn't afraid to do anything. Wonderful to be with!

.:Scott:. -- Scott is one of the most insightful people that i know. While he may not appear to be on the outside, he is actually very smart. He has had a rough life and like me, attempts to see both sides of a story before making judgement. His significant other is Linda.

.:Linda.: -- Linda is one of my newest friends. Her family Hails from the Netherlands, and she was born there (isn't that awesome?). Her voice is soft, an deasy on the ears, which makes it much easier to listen to her compared to some...needless to say i don't mind listening to her when she says something. She's hilarious ..... even though she does have Satan for a cat.

.:Torey:. --'s a very loud person, but loads of fun.

.:Lindsay:. -- for a while she and I had drifted apart, but lately we have been doing more together, and it's always a guaranteed good time! :0)

.:Mike:. --mike is mine as well as Brad's friend. He's really nice, and funny too. He's a true sweetheart, and whoever gets to be his girlfriend is one of the best treated women in the world. Fun times.

.:Matt:. -- Matt is also friends with Brad and I. He's just hilarious. He can make up stories and jokes like it was nothing (he and i work well together because we can play off of each other.). "You's Good People."

.:Andre:. -- Andre....ah, Andre, the gay black that there's anything wrong with that. We wouldn't have him any other way. He's great and fun to be with. He's just one of the girls ;0)

.:Brett:. -- Brett is a wonderful friend that i was afraid i had lost forever for a while there! :0) possibly one of the cutest of my friends (even though they are all cuties, esp Jason!) i would bang him, lol. just a bit of humor there. Brett and i have known each other for almost 4 years now, and i'm glad to have known such a person :0)