This is some poetry that i've had to write for creative writing. Some of it is pretty good, considering i had to fit it to specified forms...



is a neverending
inside my universe
although you're near by
the unforgiving
still remains
inside me



Bewilderment is gray with emptyness.
It sounds like echoing footsteps
And tastes like stale cigarettes.
It smells like burnt rubber.
It looks like the eyes of a poverty stricken child.
It makes me feel like i am caught in the fog of London. Bewilderment is red with blazing fury like the pits of hell.
It sounds like the silent screams of abused wives,
And tastes like the vodka used to hide the shame.
It smells like rain before the tornado has come.
Bewilderment looks like the brusis she covers with the foundation.
It breaks my arms and chokes my breathing; it makes me feel suffocated.
Bewilderment is the blinding white light of lightening,
And sounds like the rumbling distant thunder over the looming dark moutains.
Bewilderment tastes like the soap your mother washed your mouth out with.
It smells like stagnant water.
It looks like Jack the Ripper,
And makes me feel as though I'm running from his knife. Bewilderment is love, hate, anger, terror, fear and your tears,
into a tiny,
unit inside your head.


"Comfortable Comedienne"

I am a comedianne who is comfortably numb.
I wonder if my dreams are realistic.
I hear unsettling scilence underneath fake laughter.
I see golden rays of light coming from true smiles.
I want to make people happy with their lives.
I am a comedianne who is comfortably numb. I pretend that I am not hiding my pain with humor.
I feel my emotional concer killing me inside.
I touch the minds and hearts of others simulatiously.
I worry that i will not be able to tell someone how much i care for them before they die.
I cry over the pain of people i don't know.
I am a comedianne who is comfortably numb. I understand i cannot help everyone i want to.
I say others come before myself, and mean it.
I dream of traffic sounding like laughter.
I try to tell people how i really feel without injury.
I hope everyone is genuinely happy at some point in their lives.
I am a comedianne who is comfortably numb.


A tear Wet and Salty Drips and falls Slowly Ducts