Blue Life Color

My life color (or aura color) is blue. For those who may not know, you can find out more about life colors (aura colors) here . Your life color can tell alot about you. If you would like to get to know me better, or would like to find out your OWN life color with a free (less in-depth) online quiz, read on!
Being a blue means that i am the most emotional of the life colors. I can cry at almost anything, and have severe mood swings. However, I often get labeled as being a "doormat", or over emotional. Rather than having to see something or have facts, I am intuitive. i JUST know. I am highly spiritual, and people trust me. People come to me for support and compassion. if someone else cries, i often cry with them. If i discover something, i want to share it with the world. I want everyone else to be happy. Often times i am more concerned with the well being of others than with myself. Often i doubt my self worth, and no matter how many times something good is said to me, i will only remember the negative. Often, i will even test people to see if they really love me. I expect other people to know when i am hurting, just as i know when they are hurting; but this is often not the case (often causing me to become over dramatic and consumed with self pity). even though i contemplate suicide, i won't go through with it for fear of hurting people that i love. I imagine being at my own funeral to see how many people would attend (just to make sure that i am loved). I love giving, but it is EXTREMELY difficult for me to recieve things, oftentimes even feeling guilty for accepting something from someone. I blame myself for things that i have nothing to do with, and it's hard for me to let go of the past. I take everything personally.
IN a relationship: I just want to be loved; and i want to give as much love as poissible. A good relationship is the most important thing in my life, without one i am depressed. I will change often to try and keep the intrest of my lover, or become what i think they want. I am loyal, and will often stay in an unhealthy relationship hoping that if i love the person enough they will change. It's difficult for me to let go, and my biggest fear is being lonely.
Sex: love and trust are most important to me. I will only have sex with someone if i love them. It is hard for me to have sexual satisfaction unless i completely trust and love my partner and feel love back from them. I have been known to often cry in moments of passion (often confusing others).
CARREERS: Occupations that deal with helping others are best for me including: nurse, homemaker, secretary, parent, housekeeper, astrologer, teacher, etc.

i found all of my information above in Pamala Oslie's book: "Life Colors".

if you would like to find your own life color in a free (less in depth) online quiz go here .