This is the Stranger Sound/Destructive Workshops Audio Page. Thanks for checking it out...(right click-save as for most files)
Stranger Sound? Or... Destructive Workshops?

How's about some thrashcore shit? Common Goals 1.92mb

I'm the motherfuckin' d...see? Holiday 3.38mb

Here's some silly shit... stranger sound 2.56mb

Here's a little demo of late....
thank for tunin' in .rm (MR-8 Demo-6 tracks; dr-770 beat; 4 guitar tracks) -1100K

Here's some cool clips in no particular order. When I get this page done, I'll have some info/etc.
consuming infinity.rm (X-Mix) 373K
4guit.rm 582K
2guit.rm 845K
sawaday.rm (X-Mix) 1.34M
jam.rm 545K
tension.rm 672K
Some old demo stuff here... ... Societicide @ IUMA

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