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no one ever signs the bloody thing ::pout::

digital planeshifters

Electronomicon last updated:
August 17, 200o

'Allo! Electronomicon is being re-vamped (no pun >:)= The look and layout of the site will change a little in the coming weeks,
but the aesthetic will be the same.

In the process of compiling a site map page
to make navigation in this realm a bit easier.

I'm also giving an award every month to particularly visionary sites. If you want to enter your site or someone else's, email.

Examples of the award will be up soon.

I'd like to thank everyone who's made this site worth the HTML it was written in. (That'd be you guys, who are crazy enough to come here).

Keep on visiting, new stuff is coming forth

Please email me with any writing/art submissions!

For what it's worth, this earth-shaking update: I've changed my online alias (Formerly 'Arcaine') to §ynth. But you can call me Mandy.

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