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The Diamond Records 45 rpm and LP discography

Artist A Side B Side
101 Kevin McQuinn Ev'ry Step Of The Way Keep Me On Your Mind
102 The Originals "Gimme" A Little Kiss Will "Ya" Huh? At Times Like This
103 Richie Thompson And The Jesters Ring A Ling A Ding (Let The Wedding Bells Ring) Too Late To Worry
104 Jimmy Parker We Gonna No Word From Betty
105 The Destinys What's Up
Think About It
106 Susan Summers Mommy and Daddy Were Twistin' My Little Johnny
107 Amelia Voodoo Doll Please Don't Quarrel (Mom And Dad)
108 Johnny Desmond Twistin' Rose Of Texas Hello Honey
109 Kevin McQuinn Same Time, Same Place Adventure
110 King Guion Kingpin All The King's Men
111 Jordan & Wayne Find A Little Happiness
The Big House
112 Tommy Sawyer & The Twains Fifteenth Down The Line How Deep Is The Ocean
113 Shawn Elliott Ain't That A Shame Goodbye My Lover
114 Gary Criss Welcome Home To My Heart Our Favorite Melodies
115 Susan Summers Alexander, You're The Greatest Seventeen On Sunday
116 The Originals Summer School You And I
117 Bill Lubrano She Didn't Invite Me Delores Angel
118 Frank Reno I Want My Love I Love You So
119 Dickie Goodman & Dr. I. M. Ill Ben Crazy Flip Side
120 The Virginians African Love Chant (Ah Bey) There Goes My Baby
121 Bobby Vinton I Love You The Way You Are You're My Girl (by Chuck & Johnny)
122 Gary Criss The Girl I Told You About My Little Heavenly Angel
123 Ten Broken Hearts Ten Lonely Guys Shining Star
124 Kevin McQuinn Philly-Del-Fi-Yea Turn Back
125 Bob Willow The One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) Annabel Lee
126 King Guion Stag Party Don't Ever Change (Sang I Soluppgang)
127 Gary Criss Long Lonely Nights I Still Miss You So
128 The Anderson Trio Blow Up The Ferry It Was Great While It Lasted
129 Johnny Thunder Loop De Loop Don't Be Ashamed
130 Shawn Elliott Sincerely & Tenderly Why Don't You Love Me Anymore
131 Charlie Russo Preacherman Teresa
132 Johnny Thunder Rock-A-Bye My Darling The Rosy Dance
133 The Bobbettes Row, Row, Row Teddy
134 Little Julius The Bachelor The Happy Song
135 Noteworthies Meetin' At The Building (Will Soon Be Over) My Wanderlust
136 Marie Knight I Was Born Again I Don't Wanna Walk Alone
137 Johnny Thunder Outlaw Jailer, Bring Me Water
138 Nicky DeMatteo Baby, That's All The Story Of My Life
139 Johnny Holliday How Sweet It Is Teach Me To Say Goodbye
140 Marc Anthony Let's All Cheer Again (Summer Time Is Here Again) Why Do I Love You
141 Bobby And The Consoles My Jelly Bean Nita, I Need You So
142 The Bobbettes Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell (Who's Got De Ding Dong?) Close Your Eyes
143 The Ravels Lots Of Luck Gonna Have Some Fun
144 Jimmy Breedlove Jealous Fool Li'l Ol' Me (Loves Li'l Ol' You)
145 Gary Criss Sweet, Warm And Soft Little Joe
146 The Passions Sixteen Candles Third Floor
147 Nancy Baron Where Did My Jimmy Go Tra La La I Love You
148 Johnny Thunder Darling Je Vous Aime Beau Coup Hey Child
149 Marie Knight The Nearness Of You Walk Away
150 Andy Forray Monday (Is The Girl For Me) Copycat
151 Robert Portee Casanova I Am So Proud
152 Johnny Thunder Constitution Of Love Good Morning Sadness
153 The Jaynells I'll Stay Home Down Home
154 Roberta Meshel My Top Ten Chart Uptown Blues (By Theodore & His Orch.)
155 Johnny Thunder Everybody Likes To Dance With Johnny Zoo-Lee-Oh
156 The Bobbettes My Mama Said Sandman
157 Jimmy Clarke Everything's Fine Shirley
158 Kurt Harris Emperor Of My Baby's Heart Go On
159 Lee Rand Stagger Lee You're A Song Within My Heart
160 Ed Solomon The Beatle Flying Saucer Whistling Drifter
161 Dickey & Gloria Mr. Clean Let Me Know
162 Swinging Hearts Please Say It Isn't So Something Made Me Stop (Stop Shopping Around)
163 Ronnie Dove Sweeter Than Sugar I Believed In You
164 Joan Baker Everbody's Talking Satisfy Me
165 The Pirouettes If You See My Baby The Wrangler Stretch
166 The Bobbettes In Paradise I'm Climbing A Mountain
167 Ronnie Dove Say You Let Me Stay Today
168 The Beachcombers Surfin' The Summer Away This Is My Love
169 Johnny Thunder More, More, More Love, Love, Love Shout It To The World
170 Jean Mays Dew Drop Inn He Makes Me Feel So Crazy
171 Marie Knight Make Yourself At Home I Was Born Again
172 The Mamselles Paradise Is Where He Is Love Him
173 Ronnie Dove Right Or Wrong Baby, Put Your Arms Around Me
174 Jimmy Isle Touchdown Blue Wedding Bells
175 Johnny Thunder Shout It To The World Send Her To Me
176 Ronnie Dove Hello Pretty Girl Keep It A Secret
177 The Cupcakes Pied Piper Winter Blue
178 Charlie Gracie He'll Never Love You Like I Do Keep My Love Next To Your Heart
179 Ronnie Dove One Kiss For Old Times' Sake No Greater Love
179 Ronnie Dove One Kiss For Old Times' Sake Bluebird
180 Thomas Hall Do You Really Love Me You Told Me A Lie
181 The Bobbettes You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet I'm Climbing A Mountain
182 Gary Criss Hands Off Buddy If This Is Goodbye
183 Kenneth Young & The English Muffins (Mrs. Green's) Ugly Daughter Freddy's Street
184 Ronnie Dove A Little Bit Of Heaven If I Live To Be A Hundred
185 Johnny Thunder Dear John, I'm Going To Leave You Susie-Q
186 The Ray Men Baby What'cha Want Me Walkin' Down The Street Called Love
187 Christy Allen Little Circus Clown Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You
188 Ronnie Dove I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True I Had To Lose You (To Find That I Need You)
189 The Bobbettes Love Is Blind Teddy
190 Gary Criss This Love Of Mine My Baby Left Me
191 Ronnie Dove Kiss Away Where In The World
192 Johnny Thunder Everybody Do The Sloopy Beautiful
193 Ray Smith Everybody's Goin' Somewhere Au-Go-Go-Go (by That Rockin' Band)
194 Christy Allen Heart, Don't Let Him Know That's When
195 Ronnie Dove When Liking Turns To Loving I'm Learning How To Smile Again
196 Johnny Thunder My Prayer A Broken Heart
197 Bob Allen Everybody's Got A Little Something I'm Alone Again
198 Ronnie Dove Let's Start All Over Again That Empty Feeling
199 Ray Brewster The Worlds Of White And Brown The Love Song
200 (None) (Possibly unsigned number) (no release confirmed for this number)
201 Bert Dache Anchors Aweigh Girl Don't Stop The World For Me
202 Denny Turner Rockin' Little Angel Sweet Mary Brown
203 Larry Hale Polly Wolly Once
204 The Rock And Roll Society Everybody Do Like I Say We Can Make It
205 Ronnie Dove Happy Summer Days Long After
206 Johnny Thunder Bewildered Just Me And You
207 Ruby Winters In The Middle Of A Heartache Act Three
208 Ronnie Dove I Really Don't Want To Know Years Of Tears
209 Christy Allen Walk Tall Like A Man Any Moment
210 Hot Tamales Out Of Sight You Are My Sunshine
211 Chuck Morro Lover's Roulette Smile (El Mundo Sin Ti)
212 The Fifth Order Goin' Too Far Walkin' Away
213 The Contrails (Vocal by Dick & Jack) Someone Mummy Walk (Walking Death)
214 Ronnie Dove Cry Autumn Rhapsody
215 The Great Society Band March Of The Astronauts (Vocal) March Of The Astronauts (Instrumental)
216 The Del Satins Love, Hate, Revenge (If I Want You To Cry) A Little Rain Must Fall
217 Ronnie Dove One More Mountain To Climb All
218 Johnny Thunder & Ruby Winters Make Love To Me Teach Me Tonight
219 Dewey Jones Please Mr. Johnson My Susanna
220 Joe & Lydia Dance Till Your Shoes Fall Off Wait For Your Love
221 Ronnie Dove My Babe Put My Mind At Ease
222 Johnny Thunder You Send Me Am I Right Or Am I Wrong
223 Ruby Winters The Bells Of St. Mary's Try Me
224 Dawn's Early Light Monday Kind Of Friday Look In My Eyes
225 Ettore Cenci Keystone Kop The Nembo Kid Theme
226 Tommy Dae And The High Tensions 1967 Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Summertime Girl
227 Ronnie Dove I Want To Love You For What You Are I Thank You For Your Love
228 Gary Criss Welcome Home To My Heart Hands Off Buddy
229 The Power Plant I Can't Happen Without You She's So Far Out She's In
230 Ruby Winters I Want Action Better
231 The Pineapple Heard Valleri Ol' Man River
232 The Five Kins Havah Nagilah My Loss, Your Gain
233 Ronnie Dove Dancin' Out Of My Heart Back From Baltimore
234 Carl Edwards Gettin' A Groove Come On Into My Dreams (And Let Me Love You)
235 Vinnie Jay Martin Whenever You Need Me She's Everything You're Looking For
236 Pat Farrell And The Believers War Baby (or War Boy, as a stock 45 shows) Gotta Find Her
237 Mark Johnson Ode To Otis Redding The Beautiful Place
238 Johnny Thunder & Ruby Winters We Only Have One Life (Let's Live It Together) Teach Me Tonight
239 Pat Farrell & Believers All My Love Bad Woman
240 Ronnie Dove In Some Time Livin' For Your Lovin'
241 The Linneas Forever Baby It's A Good Kind Of Hurt
242 The Furys That's All Right, You're In Love You're My Little Baby
243 The Violetts I Won't Cry If You Walk Away (It's Easier Said Than Done) I'll Love No One But You
244 Ronnie Dove Never Gonna Cry (The Way I'll Cry Tonight) Mountain Of Love
245 Freddie May & The Power Plant Heavy With Me Victim Of Love
246 Johnny Thunder Groovy Two Shoes Put It In Motion
247 Des O'Connor I Pretend Thinking Of You
248 The Linneas My Baby Comes Home Today Born To Be Your Baby
249 Ronnie Dove Tomboy Tell Me Tomorrow
250 Mark Thatcher Tell Him You've Got Someone Else Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Babe?
251 Mitch Miller And The Sing Along Gang Dear World One Person
252 Patty Flabbies' Coughed Engine Billy's Got A Goat Tin Can Eater
253 The Invitations Swingin' On The Love Vine Got To Have It Now
254 The Golden State Drums Comin' Home (Part II) Comin' Home (Part I)
255 Ruby Winters I Don't Want To Cry Just Like A Yo Yo
256 Ronnie Dove What's Wrong With My World That Empty Feeling
257 Linda Russell We Got A Need For Each Other Don't Say Goodbye
258 Ruby Winters Just A Dream I Don't Want To Hurt Nobody
259 Andrew Robinson I Can't Keep Mary Home After The Fall
260 Ronnie Dove I Need You Now Bluebird
261 Randy Lee Black Hands, White Cotton Take A Little Time
262 Joannie Armstrong I Still Believe In Tomorrow Angels In The Sky
263 Russell Morris The Real Thing (Part 1) The Real Thing (Part 2)
264 Don Varner More Power To Ya Handshakin'
265 Ruby Winters Always David We're Living To Give (To Give To Each Other)
266 Dickey Lee Ruby Baby I Remember Barbara
267 The Bleus Good Morning, Love What'cha Gonna Do
268 The Joint Venture Sweet Smoke No Place For Me
269 Ruby Winters Guess Who Sweetheart Things
270 Neal Dover Mr. Bus Driver Paper Man
271 Ronnie Dove Chains Of Love If I Live To Be A Hundred
378 Ronnie Dove Heart Old Time Rock And Roll
379 Ronnie Dove Rise And Shine World Of Memories

LP (S)D 5001 Johnny Thunder Loop De Loop
(S)D 5002 Ronnie Dove Right Or Wrong
(S)D 5003 Ronnie Dove One Kiss For Old Times' Sake
(S)D 5004 Ronnie Dove I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True
(S)D 5005 Ronnie Dove The Best Of Ronnie Dove
(S)D 5006 Ronnie Dove Ronnie Dove Sings The Hits For You
(S)D 5007 Ronnie Dove Cry
(S)D 5008 Ronnie Dove The Best Of Ronnie Dove, Volume 2
(No Number) Ruby Winters (No Title, promo only LP, not confirmed to exist)
D-380 Ronnie Dove From The Heart

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