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Miss Joan Crawford and Miss Bette Davis

My Joan and Bette Collection

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Joan and Bette Rare Appearance Discs ($20ea)

  • Joan Crawford TV Appearances Vol 1 : "Night Gallery", "Zane Grey Theater Presents 'Rebel Ranger'", and "Lucy Meets Joan Crawford" from "The Lucy Show" (3 Episodes Total, all excellent quality)
  • Joan Crawford TV Appearances Vol 2 : "Route 66" (complete, good quality, 50min), "The Five Daughters Affair" (aka "The Karate Killers") Cameo appearance (superb quality, 12min)
  • Joan Crawford and Bette Davis : The Game Shows - Seven appearances by Joan, Five by Bette, all in very good to excellent quality and sound. No bad audio like in many vintage game shows, these are the best quality clips I think you will find.
  • Bette Davis TV Appearances Vol 1 : "The Jack Parr Show", featuring the famous interview when Miss Davis refers to Miss Crawford and herself as "old broads", and tells the (fantasy) story of how she supposedly named the "Oscar" after her husband's behind. Then is a complete episode of Bette in "Gunsmoke", in superb color quality. Total run time is aproximately 90 minutes.
  • Bette Davis TV Appearances Vol 2 : "The Dick Cavett Show", featuring a full hour-long interview with Bette.
  • Bette Davis TV Appearances Vol 3 *NEW* : "The Dean Martin Roast : Bette Davis" and "This Is Your Life : Bette Davis"
  • Bette Davis : A Basically Benevolent Volcano (1983, Docu., great interview with Bette herself just before the stroke, brilliant piece by BBC 60 min.)
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