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Welcome to the Homesite of The Foxy Grandpas

The Foxy Grandpas are a solo project by Bassist/Song writer Nicholas Curley.
The Foxy Grandpas cant be defined as one type of music. Nicks roots are true rock n roll and Jazz.
In the Fall of 2001 Nick wanted to expand his musical knowledge and taste, so he bought a bass guitar and learned to play.
4 months later after learned Half the Descendents and some common Metal stuff, Nick bought a 4 track and started recording.
His first song he recorded?? Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden. Straight bass guitar and drums.
After a while he juggled band names: The Angry Mennonites.
It just didn't stick, so in the spring of 2002, Nick came up with the coolest name he could think of: THE FOXY GRANDPAS

Nicks first song as the foxy grandpas was "The ballad of GG Allin which is a hit with some people.
and The never fading GRANDPA STOMP! which was huge in britian
>=D >=D >=D >=D >=D >=D

So now as he is currently working on His second album, "Another way to promote Idiots", his musical taste might have gone a bit
mellower, but he has promoted himself and become a stronger, more indpendent musician from learning his mistakes from the last album

Mr Rogers was a very very cool dude. He will be missed by man.
He had probably the greatest show on TV so he wont ever be forgotten.
Prayers go out to his family and friends
So wont you be our Neighbor?
1928 to 2003.

Feb 25th 2003

I have 2 songs up now


an Original and a covor.
The album is almost complete, I recorded a new song today called Greedy
which will be on
If you wanna buy the album you can buy it off this site, im gonna try to setup a paypal or something


The foxy grandpas are copywritten and legal action will be taken if material is copied and not given proper credit. As this means, just say "nick curley wrote this" if i wrote the song.
Thanks alot
Nick(AIM s/n Coolidge 17)