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Carissa's Page

Welcome, welcome!

Howdy! Set this up for friends & family as well as myself, and so it'll keep y'all updated on baby stuff, as well as have some great photos of the place and updates on school! Poke around and enjoy!


Baby Stuff!

Pablo and I just found out we're expecting an interloper this summer. First sonogram photos are up, as well as the 3D ones!!!!!! Click to see what's up so far.

Baby Updates



The Wedding

I got married a little over a year ago to the kindest and most gentle man ever to walk the earth.  We dated in high school and for about three years after that before happily tying the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Long Beach, California.  It's probably the biggest highlight of my entire life, but if you've already seen it, skip around and find something else. :)

Photos of My Wedding





Family and Friends Photos

This has photos of Pablo, my beautiful godson Adrian (and his family), my dear friend Crystal, and Dax, Mim, Monty and Merlin! Come on in and look!


Family and Friends



A View of Life From The Bay

I am finally at the University of California, in Berkeley, and couldn't be more excited.  Come on and take a look at pictures, see the campus, see the classes I'm subjecting myself to and experience life at Cal.

Go Bears!


Life In Berkeley



Anyway, poke around and have some fun, drop me a line to ask me how my fiddle lessons are going and how I'm competing at the school of my dreams.  I'd love to hear from anyone, and for those of you who are new, thank you so much for stopping to get to know me.


Much love,


Carissa Marie Martos