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The album (photo and written)

Back to the cafe

If you want the real dirt on this production you should check out this page. Below are the thumbnails of some of the production with quick explainations. Click on the image if you want to see it bigger

Here we are on set on our day of shooting. In picture is from left, Willie, Shanes head, Ky, and me Trev. We are setting up the lights for the dolly push at the entrance. Since Cafe Surrey was shot on a micro budget we had to shoot completely out of order. Who needs frickin continuity anyway...

This is Peter Nicholas. He was casted as Potato Sack. A religous zealot of sorts. Did you know he was on Airwolf? During the casting that was all I could think about. The mustard on his chin was improv genius. I had so much fun watching him perform.

This is Nigel who was cast as the mystic. He's one of the group that knew about the roots of this production. He also did some of the music for Cafe Surrey. I couldn't thank him enough. During the production I wanted to put breasts on him (I thought it would look funny) but I forgot the boobies at home.

This is my brother Alex. I wrote this part for him. I thought it would be nice to see him punch out somebody on screen. I only got punched once by him in the face. He assured me it was an accident.

Welcome to Brendan. He's responsible for one of the most addictive songs in Cafe Surrey. I called it Honey Bunny but I didn't really know the name. I played the role of Bug, the emotionally unstable worker. He Dyed his hair green for me. That's commitment

Monica Hamburg was Natalie the focus of Ed's attention. I didn't know Monica before the shoot but I respect the professionalism. She gave me some shit for the professionalism crack. Let me say that Monica is also dedicated and funny and is getting a free tank top whenever we meet again.

Good Old Chico K. Peters is was George, the old crackpot who is a blight on civilization. Chico was very nice and kept spirits high during the shoot.

Aside from blow darts, which I think should be in every movie, Satanic preppies are very important. Like the blowdart they just don't have to be explained, they just are. Brent Richie played the Satanist and gave it a nice Brick/Futureshop/used car salesman feel.

I'm going to scan in the other pictures soon so keep checking back.