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Soundtrack to Cafe Surrey

The music for Cafe Surrey crosses many Genres.
The title track and opening/closing song is from Willie Kuklis' solo effort. He plays in Cultured Cowboy, a great little Surrey band with Arron and Terry. They have been long friends since we all me up in a certain coffee shop and performed comedy and played music.

One song from Cultured Cowboy was used. From their Pre Album release. They've been muddling around Surrey for many years and have been making positive inroads to Vancouver. Most recently at Newmusicwest where they were described as "sounding like counting crows, except good". The song nadine is a melodic ode to urban decay.

Grade Three is the harder edge of this soundtrack. They have an old school tool feel but with less screaming and more singing. The Album is Piston Fist. I met the drummer, Mark Gestrin, way back in elementary school when I used to hang out with his brother and make our own Kung Fu movies. (Don't ask)

One of the actors gave me his demo on set. Brendan EFK is the title I suppose. I have known Brendan for about five years. The song is called Honey Bunny (there was no name so I put that one in the credits). It has an acoustic smashing pumpkins sound that is fun and addictive to listen to.

Beeek's lineage is more foggy. I approached a co-worker when I was working on this movie because I knew she had a demo. We lived in the same area of Whalley for a couple years and I knew she could understand. I eventually used "one to a room". To me the song has a Tom Petty feel, not the Tom Petty doing Bob Dylan either, but Tom Petty.

I approached a friend Nigel, another person from the old coffee shop that this movie is based on, to do some electronica for the album. He sent me his demo and I used a couple tracks. I'm not big on electonica but I kept thinking dance mixed with Tangerine Dream. It was a fun departure to use this music. It contrasts well.

When I was planning the music one group kept coming into my head. Groovemonger, the unofficial band of the original coffeeshop. They have a funk feel that made an incredible impact in Surrey. They were the headliners to the Javapalooza, which was a Surrey music festival set up by the same coffee shop and the album that the music came from is "boogieman". Alas it seems that Groovemonger is on permanent hiatus.

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