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Fiction: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Basic Fiction, Flash Fiction (Short Fiction)

A Little Quickie* Alone* Before The Dawn

Conundrum: FIMASQV* Death's Soliloquy* Gambit: Beware He Who Traxx

Gambit & Rogue: Illusions* F.L.I.E.S.* Final Fantasy VII prequel: Crisis From The Sky

I Am I* Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: The Talk

The Lion* Nebulous: Pilot*

Revelations* The Right* Shiver

Simner:Comic Script*

The Trixx Rabbit Strikes Back* Use The Force* When Into The Deep

Lyrics and Poems

A Dark Wind* Composure of a Speech* Despised Valentine

Prophesy of Ages* Randomnity* RAQUEL

State Of The Union* Surfing The Crimson Sea* This Place That's Filled With You

What Is Life?

In Class Writings & Fanstory Postings

Chaos On A Tiny Globe* My Own Grindhouse* Pulp Friction

Non-Fiction: Essays, Papers, etc

A Crucible Review* Beyond Good And Evil* Blithe Spirit Review

The Dead Pool* Illusion Of The Causal Argument* Impasse Or Politics: Is Iran Really A Nuclear Threat?

Ragtime Review* Is This A "Role Reversal"?* Traffickers Of Humanity

What Walrus This Way Comes* When Worlds Collide: How The Media Has Failed Its Mission


Holy Shards: The Thirteenth Age


Chainletter* Conversations By A Well


Click on the link presented here to go to my now defunct book. I've decided that it has become too much of a parody. For now I'll leave it up in this form. I intend to rewrite it at some future point. Right now, I'm concentrating on another story that I hope to complete. It isn't a parody but is a book as well. Stay tuned.

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