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The Buzz Spectors-Attacked By Ninjas (2003)

Recorded at Burning Cow Studios by Kyle Richards and Jason Arnold in late 2002 and early 2003.


Like A Rocky Sequel, Zipline, New Mascara, American Tragedy, That Is Cool, What You Say,

Glorious Beercan, Fourth Time, Messing With My Mind, Truman, No Patience, Standstill


The Buzz Spectors: Dangerous Playground Equipment (2000)  

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---This suburban classic shows the Buzz Spectors' punk side, with the tongue in cheek observations 

still in tact. Recorded by Steve Spapperi at Studio Chicago. Available at Kiss the Sky Records in Batavia, IL.


Soda Pop and Pie, Mouthwash Brigade, Take Me Home, SUV, Three Months, We Meaning, Me,

Aliens and Indians, Blinked and You Were Gone, North Clark, Heart and Soul, He Saw the End


The Buzz Spectors: self titled (1998)

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----This CD was cited as the "tri cities stoner album of the year". Recorded at RPM Studios by Tom 

Jancauskas. Available at Kiss the Sky Records in Batavia, IL.


Whinny Cooper, Forts in the Backyard, Phyllis Wilcox, Hypothetical Road Trip, Just a Cameo,

Grow Up, Astronaut, Strolling Through Nowhere.


**Also Available**

WS001- Andrew Ferguson: Everything, A Miracle & Nothing All At Once (2001)

----This CD features Andrew playing all the instruments. It was recorded at Puke Hallway Studios in Overland Park, KS. It features the Buzz Spectors song, "Panic Order" with Mike Belec. 19 songs total. 


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