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WES HUMPSTON - BULLDOG ART updated 06/26/14 - online since 1999!

Wes Humpston was the original artist to draw and design "DogTown Skates" before it was "Dogtown Skates." In the mid 1970's Wes worked at the original Zephyr Surf Shop and he like so many others credit C.R. Stecyk III and Jeff Ho as mentors. Wes went on to co-found DogTown Skates and copyright the name with original Zephyr team rider,
Jim "Red Dog" Muir
in the late 70's. Wes now operates BullDog Skates AND continues to do original drawings on boards for serious collectors.
This page is an homage to his art.

Check out some of the most infamous Z-BOYS with Wes Humpston Designed boards.

Above photos contributed by GLEN E. FRIEDMAN
Check out his "FUCK YOU ALL pages" for more.

Here are some Wes handdrawn vintage skateboards from the 1970's.

Production Boards Designed by Wes for DOGTOWN Skates in the late 70's.
click below to enlarge

Shogo kubo-Airbeam Bob Biniak-Bullet Paul Constantineau-Tail Tap Jim Muir-Red Dog Wes Humpston-Bulldog TriPlane Wes Humpston-Bigfoot

Click below for some of the most recent examples of Wes's skateboard art.

Here's a shot of Wes being photographed by Stecyk back in the mid 70's.
Click on the photo to see more action shots of "Bull Dog" skating . . .

A collection of Wes's art over the last 20 years can be seen by clicking the image below.

Bull Dog Skates are available at


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