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Janowski Films presents

buddha's blue ribbonBuddha's Blue Ribbon

What if Buddha went to the fair?


Director Diane Janowski takes an unusual approach to an unusual idea with this film. Poultry in early Christianity symbolizes immortaility, resurrection, arrogance and pride. Man may enjoy his own merits but he must not forget his defects and risk building his life on an illusion.

"I love going to the fair every summer. Last year, there were a lot of complaints about the people who worked for the carnival organization. Let's just say the workers were less than refined. Way less. So anyway this summer, I had the idea that if Buddha and God were really everywhere, then they certainly were hanging around the tractor pull. This film combines two ideologies and how they interact."

- Diane Janowski, 2004

Clip from Buddha's Blue Ribbon

FORMS: Narrative, Short (Other)
GENRES: Alternative, Religious, Avant-garde, Independent, Urban, Action/Adventure, Post-Modern
NICHES: Christian, Buddhist
ENGLISH TITLE: Buddha's Blue Ribbon
RUN TIME: 00:12:30

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