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My Gear, my gear, my gear...talking 'bout my gear...

My gear for gigging doesn't differ much with the gear I use at home. The only real difference is my amp at home is a circa 1994 Fender BXR 60. You know that little thing really delivers a nice sound no matter what I plug into it, but really does my Fender Jazz Bass justice. Plug her in, and let her rip! I also fool around with a Zoom BFX-708 effects pedal. I'm really looking forward to the day I can ditch that thing, It isn't really a great fx pedal. Good home recording gear is next on my agenda.

My basses are as follows:

1997 Fender Jazz Bass, black w/mirror pickguard (modified with 60's Fender Vintage Pickups), a Spector NS2000 red sunburst flame top maple with EMGHZ pickups, a DeArmond 5 string Pilot Pro, and a 1994? Yamaha RBX-250 Fretless (black), soon to be modified with Fender Vintage P-Bass Pickups and Fender Electronics...and just for giggles, I use an Epiphone 305S acoustic guitar.

My amplification currently is:

SWR 4004 bass head, Furman Tuner with cool lights that you can pull out when you need to tune up on a dark stage. I play that through a 1x15 (SWR) and a 2x10 (SWR). My string preference is Rotosound RS66, G=.45, D=.65, A=.80, E=.105. This setup delivers a punch and growl which keeps band members (and me, too) smiling. That's all for now, but I have plans to upgrade in the near future. For what I'm doing now, this gear works just fine. I'll have pix of all this stuff as as soon as I can figure out how to make them come out nice and sharp on this website. (Take a look again at the home page photo and you'll see what I mean. I look much younger and cuter than that!!

Wish List:

Vintage Fenders- early 60's Jazz Bass, early to mid- 50's Precision, early 60's Gibson Thunderbird (preferably white reverse), Guild Starfire, a nice acoustic/electric (brand doesn't matter, must play and sound great!), Vox teardrop, Gibson Flying V, Gibson Explorer, Gibson EB-3, Hofner Beatle Bass (just for fun), Warwick, Tobias or Smith 5 string. A 60's or 70's Rickenbacker 4001, Ampeg AEB-1 and Dan Armstrong plexibass.

Here is a brief list of some of the great gear I stupidly got rid of over the years and wish I still had:

196? Gibson EB-0, with open headstock

1970 Fender Jazz Bass, Sunburst (my personal favorite, oh why God did I dump it?)

1969 Fender P-Bass Body w/1968 Telecaster neck, DiMarzios and Leo Quan bridge, refin natural

1973 Fender Jazz Bass, natural with DiMarzio p/u's

1977 Music Man Stingray, white w/black pickguard (I think first production year)

1983 Fender P-Bass, sunburst (what a fat sound that brand new off the shelf stock bass had, a real player)

The amplification is too numerous to list, but most of all I miss my Peavey Mark III