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Freefall, after a weekend gig at some roadhouse in the Thousand Islands, NY. (L to R) Rick Johnson (drums, vocals), Nadia Liberti (Rick's squeeze), Pat Runne (lead vocals), Me (bass, vocals), Mike Dyrda (lead guitar), Mike Parthum (keyboards, vocals) September, 1982.

Full House at the Red Creek, Rochester NY. (L to R) Karen (forgot last name- Fiddle), Van Sanzotta (drums), Brian Bennett (vocals), Don Griffin (guitar, vocals) Me (bass, vocals), Jim Ross (pedal steel) August, 1983.

Gigging around Rochester with my 1973 Fender Jazz bass (natural, maple neck, DiMarzio jazz pickups) and my 1983 Fender Precision bass (sunburst, rosewood neck, stock pickups)

Second Nature
Front Row (l to r) Steve Lauth, Bryan, Gil Eller. Back Row (l to r) Mike Scanlan, D.J. Brown, Jim Boyce