Brenda's Awards


Congratulations! You have reached the part of my website that is the cause for quite a bit of joy for me and that is ... my recognition awards! 

I understand completely how much time, effort, expertise and yes, even tears, that go into making a really great website. I also know that it is something that at times can be rarely applauded. 

It feels good to hear "well-done"! Even that your website is something that makes someone smile. Is entertaining as well as well informed on subjects! It also is great to hear as well, that your website is considered to be,  on the whole, a great contribution to this thing we call the world wide web.

In keeping with this theme, I have developed quite a few different styles of awards.  Well over .. uh- I lost count... perhaps 90.  Plus I plan to develop more as time progresses. I have made awards that are based on as many varied themes as I could think of. 

They are relatively easy to win. 

Since there are so many to choose from, do feel free to enter and submit your site as many times as you would like to. For as many awards as you feel it merits. I have placed the "rules" here for everyone to read. 

Yes, unfortunately I need to have rules. 

Please read them & if your site qualifies (trust me, most likely it will!) please proceed to the form below. 

Please fill it out and send it to me, along with your address for your web page. Along with a banner. If you have no banner, I will gladly create one for you & send along to you to have.  I will gladly work with Web TV users (used to be one myself, in fact that is what I was using when I first started creating websites even!) on trans-loading by placing a link for you to load from. I  plan to personalize each award to site name or to the name of the site owner. That may change, as from time to time, I have been without internet access. I ask only that you link the gif or gifs back to this page. Thanks! 



*****Please read my conditions first.*****


Then afterwards if your site qualifies, please take a look and choose the award (one per form). Then please proceed down to the bottom &  fill out the form featured below and send it to me with your web address & website banner. Along with site description. As well as why you feel your site should be awarded. I will review the site and if it is indeed a winner I will shortly send out your choice or choices of awards. Feel free to enter your site or sites as often as you'd like for the various awards. Please keep checking back to see if I have new styles which your site could win. 

 Thanks for your interest and Good Luck!


First and foremost ALL SITES I VISIT MUST BE IN THE ENGLISH SPOKEN/WRITTEN LANGUAGE!!! If I cannot read them, I cannot judge the website fairly. I have gone ahead and awarded a few sites which have applied even though I had no clue what I was visiting. If you have a site which is from a different country other than English speaking ones. Please provide a page where the language is English. Thanks! All sites I review and award MUST be family safe and child friendly. I ask that all sites place a limit on foul language as much as possible. I would prefer that the site be totally free of foul language.  ALSO No racist remarks! No off-color racist jokes!! I also, myself, do not care for jokes that have a sexual nature to them.  Which brings us to condition #2.....

2. No risque material! By risque I mean no jokes, remarks or comments concerning genitalia or any style or content that can be deemed sexually provocative. No references to a man's sex organ, or women's breasts, or women's genitalia or any comments, mpegs, wavs, jpegs, or voyeuristic video which subject is adult related. No masturbation references. No references to sadomasochism,  or tying people up even if  it is in jest. Or any adult style comments. Some European sites do have areas where they paste onto their pages, material which is rather racy. I need to explicitly state, that I cannot award sites which feature anything along these lines. Being a Christian, any award I place on any site is putting my Church and it's reputation, as well as my own, on the line.  Personally, I find "blue humor" offensive & will not award a site which places it there. Or has links to websites which contain the material. 

3. No violence. I absolutely gross out seeing even simulated violence!  While I respect that others have a taste for it, I strongly feel it is something not suitable for children. The sites which get any of my awards must be sites where I would feel safe having, let's say, a child of 10 years old, viewing them. And for me personally, if it is not able to be viewed by say, a 10 year old, I would not feel comfortable in awarding the site.  War memorial sites are fine, veteran sites, police sites, etc.. are all perfectly fine. Any site which shows  the aftermath of violence in a way to educate the viewer so as not to do those deeds is fine.  But sites which show mutilated body parts, bloodbaths, & simulate violence in some form are definitely not sites I would choose to award or even visit. No sites which display threats to other human beings or glorify torture of other human beings are permitted to win any of my awards. Or preach hatred. Or intolerance, in  general. 

4. No child pornography.  Unfortunately I went through  a website once that had child pornography on it. The person was applying for an award. I ended up not awarding the site.  It is fast becoming a crime to have that on the net as well as saving images of that sort on a home computer. I  myself personally feel that it's not only wrong to take their innocence from a child, but to exploit the child as well! Especially in  such a public fashion where millions can view their exploitation!  I will not consider sites which have that subject on it. 

5. No links in any of the sites which you choose to place on your links pages to any sites which contain material that has any of the above.

6.  A big turn-off for me are sites which have a darker side to them. Satanic stuff for one instance. Or stuff which can be dangerous in my humble opinion. Sites for cults also do not rate high with me.  I honestly do not like such sites. Would never visit them on a personal browse time. Would prefer that owners of these types of sites not enter them. No sites also that are X Rated and are free to view. No sites which feature nude and or sexual photos of a celebrity .  No sites which have cruelty to animals on them. Hunting sites are fine. Wilderness sites are fine. But please no sites which show animals being tortured. Believe me, those sites are out there! 

7. Some big bonus points from my end to help cinch an award for your site -- is if a site contains music. Or if your site has lots of color to the pages. Or shows a  passion for the topic. I will definitely award!  The more of it ---- the better! Specific criteria for certain sites are below. Now some types of  sites are very special to me and below are their criteria and what I specifically look for when I view them. In all honesty, the criteria featured below, in general, can be used on all sites which meet the above rules I am asking  for as well. So even if your site is not wrestling, entertainment or sports related, the criteria below is still the same when I view your site. Basically great content , original insights .  Originality and lots of color are a major plus! Plus if you have music and  the website just has a lot of SOUL. Then you are a shoe-in for a win. With all THAT being said (hee hee) here goes.....



Personal Websites:  I look for lots of great links.  Personal  pictures are a plus, but not an absolute necessity. Plus displays of the talents that the website owner has. Insights and originality are a HUGE plus in my book. Another biggie can maybe even be self written poetry.   Plus music and lots of vivid colors don't hurt either. I look for effort and frankly one page with  links will not cut it.  For any award please......

1. Fill out the form below and please be sure to include the address of the site. And a website banner if your site has one. If not, I will provide a banner for your site. 

2. Site must be family oriented or family safe!

3. Please specify to me which award or special award of your choice as well.

4. Please describe to me what your site is about. After which, please provide a brief explanation as to why your site should be awarded. 

5. Please upon winning enclose to me a banner which I could place on my links page as well as on my winner's page. Good Luck!

Sports sites : I look for stats and news as well as a general sense of information on your team, player or sport. I look for a sense of passion for the sport , color and music are plusses. I look for team and fan spirit. I too make special awards so if you have a player in mind or team.. please specify.

1. Fill out the form below and please be sure to include the address of the site. And a website banner if your site has one. If not, I will provide a banner for your site. 

2. Family Safe!

3. Please specify to me which award or special award of your choice as well.

4. Please describe to me what your site is about. After which, please provide a brief explanation as to why your site should be awarded. 

5. Please upon winning enclose to me a banner which I could place on my links page as well as on my winner's page. Good Luck!

These rules  apply for all types of sites which meet the criteria.  The key phrases are highlighted in all areas. For what exactly I look for in all pages. Whether they are personal pages, pages historical in nature, government related, media related. Musical based websites - whether for a certain entertainer or group whether it is fan made, or the entertainer or group's official website. Websites based on films or actors- Whether those sites are fan made or official sites. Business or corporate websites. Crafts websites. Auction websites. Et cetera.  All other type of personal or professional based website. 

To reiterate : 

To all sites which have as main content or even a partial content of any of the following : 

1 No sites containing threats to other human beings. No sites which promote aggressive acts as solutions to any problems, be it government, religious or road rage or personal problems. In other words no sites which are terrorist in nature or  belong to any group that is of a fringe movement that promotes terrorist acts. Also I will not award sites which preach hatred against races!

2. Sexual themes!! I frown on any site which has sexual themes! I especially frown on sexual themes which include children. No sexual innuendoes, jokes about rape, incest or references to sexual activities.  No wavs, mpegs, comments, or links to any sites in your links pages to sites  which contain these things. No jpegs which contain this. No stories or literature reprinted of adult subjects as well. If your site has these, please do not enter it. Related to this measure is number 3.......

3. All pay X Rated websites -- especially free "adult" X Rated and above X Rated related sites do NOTqualify.  Please do not enter.

4. All  Satanic and or cult based websites do not qualify. Mainly due to the fact that I personally find this subject area rather negative as well as destructive. All sites which win any of my numerous awards must have positive qualities & be safe for children to view & browse through.

5. ALL  sites which display in their humor pages  or even in theircomments area the following :  jokes, comments or rhetoric which can be deemed  "suggestive" or sexually explicit or in other words material which at best is adult oriented! Also which display jokes or comments which have racist material or remarks Also which display jokes or comments which have as their subject matter cruelty to humans or animals. By that I mean jokes which talk about rape or torture, mutilation, dismemberment et cetera. I also will not award sites which have a LARGE use of foul language. I understand a word or two or three here and there but every other word ?????? I feel uncomfortable with large usage of  *language*


If your site falls into any of these categories then your site  is clearly  not eligible.  

Cool! Now that you have been bored to tears (lol) what with reading my criteria , rules and what specifically I am looking for. I will now shut up (LOL) and we will now continue onto the next area ..the actual applying for the award.  And since I have made it all rather clear what specifically I am looking for, I will now wait for you all to enter in your sites. So......if your site DOES meet my specific criteria...(sound of a drum roll)




That means you are almost there !!! All that is left is if you could  please fill out the form below and hit submit and I will be in touch when I view your site. Also too, some browsers do not support forms.  

If your browser does not support forms please email me at the address provided below with the url, description, choice of award plus why you should win this award I will also be in touch soon as I review the site or sites.. Please click on the gif which says *email me* .

Also I need to ask you as well to please send me in an email after you mail me this form or your submittal- your site's banner please to my  email box at  



If you have no banner, I will make a banner for you & send it to you.

I will gladly review your site or sites and chances are very high it will be awarded. 

To all I say -- thanks for your interest. Good Luck!






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My award images are depicted below. Actual size so you can enjoy them! And get an idea of the "finished product".



Since I love graphics this special award is for really good pages which employ graphics on them!





All Star Bret Hart Award for stellar Bret Hart Websites

Hart Family family pages concerning the Hart Family or Bret's family



(non animated)

(choice of animated or non animated)

Bret Hart Rainbow Award (for sites which have a lot of color and exceptional graphics!)

(also available in animated form - re-sized))


The Two Top Bret Hart Site Awards











 (choice of the two above Irene Kelly awards)
















Brenda's Best Over All Site & Brenda's World Class Site Award #2 Awards


 BEST GRAPHICS  AWARD TWO --- TOP AWARD (it's available to apply for. But mostly it is given out at my discretion) Plus . Angel Of The Web Award One. followed by Angel Of The Web Award Two and Angel Of The Web Award Three. Please specify your choice of style number one or style number two or style number three in the angel awards. 

Hero Award (for pages that salute an act of courage, or for people who go that extra mile.)

Brenda's Best Award For Best Holiday Pages. (style one or style two)

Brenda's Favorite Family Page Award

Memory Award Style #1

All Star Bret Awards For Excellence in A Bret Hart or Hart Family or Wrestling Website

Hart Family Honors--- Best Hart Family Pages.

Bret Hart Seal Of Excellence Award (choice of either Animated Or Non Animated Style)  & 9. Brenda's HIGHEST Bret Hart Web Award -- are my two highest Bret Hart site awards! These are awarded (choice of either design) for Bret Hart sites that excel! Even above my biggest expectations! For these  I am looking for a feel that you love the man, and are a serious"mark". Must have dazzling graphics, must have a good page written as a tribute to him, must offer something above the norm. Also not asked for but a definite plus are wav files, plus a written& nicely done tribute to the family, also a great idea is to have a memorial tribute to Dean or Owen or both (major plus, if both are done). In other words I am looking for far more than a career overview, some pictures& links. I want to see personally written tributes, and lots of **original** graphics that youhave designed for your page. The site must rate, at least, to me, between 8-10 or 95-100 on a scale to win this baby! These are my top achievement Bret Hart website awards to win & either are given out on behalf of Bret Hart Web by Brenda & will be for BRET HART based or HART FAMILY  based sites only!

Bret Hart Rainbow Award :  For sites which have quite a bit of color as well as excellent graphics!

Best Canadian Based Website

Best Motorcycle Page (choice of 2 styles)

Excellence in Sports Site Award (choice of 3 styles)

Best Teen Idol Page Awards STYLE 1 & STYLE 2 (also available. Best Monkees, Best Bee Gees)

Gem Of The Web Awards - specify choice of either  style one (black) or style two (green)

Best Patriotic Page Awards One (flag) & Two (Flag/Eagle)

One of my 7 Red Wings based awards. For Best Red Wings pages and Best Hockey Pages

Hockey Heaven Award

Best Fantasy Page Award

Memorial Award  Style #2

Brenda's Best Crafts Page Award

Best Children's Website Award One

Best Children's Website Award Two

Best Irene Kelly Page Awards (One or Two)

Brenda's Best Bee Gees Website Award

Brenda's Best Andy Gibb Page Award

Brenda's Best Owen Hart Memorial Website Award

Best U2 Website Award

Best Skynyrd Page Award

Best Monkees Website Award

Best Praise & Worship Page Award

Brenda's Choicest Award -- this one is for sites that are filled with graphics & other cool stuff. Has lots to offer the visitor & is pretty much a website a person would bookmark to return to. 

Brenda's Merit Award : This used to be my top award!  Now it has been re-designed and is now aimed at beginning websites which show lots of promise. It is also is given to beginning website makers, who have talent & the talent shows. This award I usually give to new website makers, & sites which have potential! It is still an high achievement award.

Brenda's Overall Best Site Award & Brenda's World Class Site Award #2- Both awards are given to  websites which have excellence in navigation, a general  knowledge of the main theme,  excellent graphics, lots of color, and things on it which either I have not seen before that knock me out--- or have on them things which contribute to a person's education on the subject the site is related to. Time well spent. These sites will always be found in people's "bookmark" areas or in their "folders" or "favorite site" areas. 

  Best Country Style Page Awards




Country Page (flowers), Country Page Award (Cow & Bunny)


Country Page Award (Apples)


All the above awards are available to all sites that fit their criteria which is made available in the various award descriptions. All you need to do is specify the name of the award or if you would like to apply for multiple awards , the name of each award you are interested in ... in the form when you fill it out. I will view the website and very possible the award or awards will be presented shortly after I view the site or sites. 

Other awards available


Brenda's World Class Website Award


"Elite" Award




Heal The World Through Faith Award

I also have developed an award for sites which have a healing theme . Or sites which  focus on psychical or spiritual healing!   I created this award with the thought of awarding this award to sites which place kindness above all. Sites which teach people ways in which they can use faith within themselves to heal.  If it's healing it's cool here.





Best Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saint Related Website




Best Genealogy Website (choice of style one or two)



resized (shown smaller than actual size)

Most Entertaining Website (comedy sites, music sites, etc..., sites that are fun to visit!)

(image one)

image two

Best Survivor Based Website (for show or players)


image three

image four

image five

image six

For sites devoted only to the show "BIG BROTHER"


Below are awards for Best Nature Sites.

For sites concerned with conservation. For sites devoted to the environment. For sites whose sole subject is nature. For sites made on the subject of natural resources. For sites made about The Rain Forest or The Outback. Among many other reasons, but mostly sites which are made primarily about Nature.

Best Wilderness Page Award

Best Page About Angels Award 1

Best Page about Angels Award 2

Beautiful Web Site Award

(for pages which have a lot of color and beauty...)


Blooming With Brilliance Award

(For sites that are well informed & full of lots of information. They also must have lots of color and great navigation!)


For pages with a classic theme or Gibson Girl theme to them. 



Best Scottish Page


Best Worship Page (2)


Grooveee Web Site Award



Best Osmonds Website Awards Style Two , Os Animated Award (One) or Os Finest Website Award (Award Three)

Brenda's Best Civil War Page Award

Best Marilyn Monroe Website





















                                                                               Best Monkees Gold Award

Choice of individual Monkee awards!  Please specify which of these awards you would prefer. For the various "web home" awards, these can be displayed on club pages and pages which are news boards for the band. Also too, they can be displayed as well on fan made or official  message boards made for the band.  In other words, miscellaneous web homes that are not fully websites.

Best WWF Website




Best Graphics On A Website (1)




Best Design Award


Best Animated (Cartoon/Animated Character) Website



(for sites specializing in collecting items pertaining to sports... cards, figures, programs...etc..)

Best Vladimir Tribute *BELIEVE*

Best Hockey Website (Jagr) 

Best Hockey Website (STEVIE Y)

Best Steve Yzerman Page


Best Vyacheslav Kozlov slash Best Russian 5 Website






Best Rookie Award 

For very well done beginning hockey based web-pages.


Brenda's Hockey Town USA's Best Red Wings Website Award



*Exceptional Award*

For *EXCEPTIONALLY* designed hockey websites. To see what I look for please click on Hockey on the sidebar .


Best Dog Or Best Cat Page Awards Style Number One



Best Animal Website *PUPPERS* (animated)

Best Sports Site Award Style 2

Please fill out this form below and press submit when done. Thanks!

  Now please choose the award  you are interested in :

(for additional awards please email me)

Response-O-Matic Form


Apply For Brenda Awards

Your submittal is appreciated!

Please place url & why your site should win
Make sure email and name are filled out
Click on Submit when ready to send.

Your name:

Email address:

Please place your site URL
plus why your site
should win a Brenda Award
in space below and click submit

Below please specify which award you are interested in. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC. As in certain categories there are multiple choices of awards. Such as where my wrestling awards are concerned there are quite a few wrestlers to choose from. I have several memorial awards to choose from and quite a few hockey ones to choose from. I have a few musical choices as well, as well as choice of several Best Family Page Awards. I also have several angel awards. Also there are as well various home-style awards to choose from . Then again I can also make specific awards if none of my awards are suitable . TV Stars, TV shows, movie stars, soap operas, movies, wrestlers, sports and hobbies. Please specify and I will make it for you. Even characters like Winnie The Pooh or Mickey Mouse...etc I make all graphics in Paint Shop Pro & will design others as well.

If you are a Web TV user please specify also, so I can provide a link for you to trans-load the personalized graphic to your site from. 

Please specify which name to place on any of the awards, especially for the  memorial awards. On those, I will need the year of birth and of death.

 Ok folks,  after all these specifics I have mentioned, please write a brief summary as to why the site or sites should be awarded . I will be in touch as soon as I view the site or sites. Please do not forget to send me your site banner as well. If you do not have one, I can make you a banner for your use. Thanks for your interest and Good Luck! 


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