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Of course, this is far from complete so if you have any lyrics or corrections, please email!  

The songs with an asterisk next to them are maybe half to 3/4 done.  The rest are mostly done.  Some fragments I got from the liner notes of the bonsai superstar cd (some of which are different from those in the actual songs), the rest are my attempt at decoding.


Beekeeper's Maxim*

Brat Girl


Cultural Zero

Flash Ram


For My Beloved

Fresh New Eyes

Fucking with the Altimeter

Go Freaks Go*

Hands of the Genius*

Hot Metal Dobermans*

Hot Seat Can't Sit Down

I am a Cracked Machine

I Could Own You

I, Fuzzbot

Indian Poker [part 3]*

Last Demo Song 2

Martian Dance Invasion

Meathook Manicure

Mr. Fingers

Nothing Ever Changes

Radio Apeshot*

70 Kg Man

Sexual Frustration*

Simon Says

Simon Says (live version)

Smack Bunny Baby

Status: Choke


The Turnover

This Little Piggy*

To the Baby Counter*

Vincent Come on Down

You Wrecked My Hair*