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3R41N14C (brainiac)

*clic the pic*

L2R:  Taylor....Schmersal....Trent...Monasterio


This band.......All you can do is drop your jaw in awe and look blindly while the distorted state washes over your face!

This was/is/will forever be Brainiac.  They deserve a listing in all world lexicons, but until then, there is this webpage.

'kay, mainly this page is for the lyrics cause it's near impossible to find them on the web.  Posted in the link is some of the songs I've attempted to decipher.  Of course, there's bound to be errors, so any mistakes, tell me, I'll correct them ASAP.  Also, if you'se guys got any lyrics or whatever, send em over to this email and I'll set em up on this page. 



Legalize:  Yah, I lifted a lotta these pcx and backgrounds from previous works.  If you gotta problem, email me, but jeez, whatta jerk you'd be, this is a tribute page fors Gods sakes!!!  WHAT THE F*CK!!!!