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Vehiculos De Ocasion

This is the side-project from three of the guyes in The Quest Quartet: Steinar Sekkingstad, André Algrøy and Kenneth Straume. In addition, we tend to sample Carina Nilsens soprano vocals. The music is experimental, noisy and often far-out. The group has never performed live before, but now and then it is possible that some of the songs are being played live by The Quest Quartet.

FUTURE RELEASES: Winter Smog II (CD EP on the Humbug-label), Compilation CD with Norwegian experimental artists (Humbug), Split-casette with Marakel (Koksidose Recordings)

NEWS 06.03.02: Haugesund soundwizzard Marakel is going to release a split casette on his label Koksidose Recordings: Marakel vs. Vehiculos De Ocasion. We are now in the midst of the recordings for this release.

NEWS 15.01.02: Anders Gjerde is going to release a compilation CD with Norwegian experimental music. Among the contributing artists are Andreas Meland, Lasse Marhaug, Continental Fruits and Vehiculos De Ocasion. It feels great for us to be in such good company. Sceduled for release sometime before april. The same label, I think the name is Humbug, will also release a CD-R EP by Vehiculos De Ocasion with the track Winter Smog II (edition of 60-70).


autumn 2000
BBRC 004: Vehiculos De Ocasion - beneath an incline
7" heavy vinyl, edition of 100, sleeve by steinar, 10 tracks, "experimental, instrumental, improvised, Lo-Fi"

spring 2000
BBRC 002: Vehiculos De Ocasion - Vehiculos De Ocasion (sold out)
7" heavy vinyl, edition of 100, sleeve by steinar, 6 tracks, "experimental, instrumental, improvised, Lo-Fi"