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21.03.01: Pals Records is the new name for Beverly Brothers Recording Company. We will make a new site for this label, but that will take some weeks. Anyway, we are already out with our first release on Pals Records: The quest quartet "home" 12" vinyl. Hopefully we will press some 50 CD's too.

07.03.01: the song "Mortal Distortion" by mode:01 from Mapping the underground is song of the week at Studentradioen in Bergen. Mapping the underground has had an warm welcome in the shops. People dig it!

18.01.01: Debut album from Quest will probably be released in march. Edition of 300 copies.

12.01.01: Mapping the underground: volume 1, will probably be released in the first half of February. 400 copies.

22.11.00: Since we have got too many interesting bands for the compilation, we have decided to make a series of releases by underground bands/artists on 7" vinyl. The series will be called: "Mapping the underground," and volume 1 is called: "Don't be fooled, the sun is shining."

08.11.00: It seems like a good idea to have a volume 2 of the compilation 7". We feel that a lot of the interested bands deserve to be released. Maybe one comp with Norwegian bands, and one with foreign? We'll see how much we can afford, and how easy the first comp is to get rid of.

06.11.00: The following bands have contacted us conserning the 7" compilation, where we will release 8 bands (the list is updated almost every day): punishment park, Freak Oi Accident, flare, the low freaquency in stereo, douglas, jason (Brasil), squareheads, smalltown rockets, lost at last, eivind sekkingstad, goldenboy, the retardos, ring, watersnake, retarded (italy), forgotten, vegard b havdal, lano places, no rest (brasil), the scroletics, flor mostaza, james band, eight bucks experiment (USA), DEL, spunky funggy, hell to pay, 8-bucks experiment and beetee.

01.11.00: Beneath an incline (BBRC004) will probably be ready within a week or two. A lot of bands have started to send demo-tapes for the BBRC 7-inch compilation. The compilation will have 8 bands playing short songs (2 min). Any interested bands should give us a mail and send songs and info within 1. december to: André Algroey, Michael Krohnsgate 23, 5057 BERGEN, NORWAY.