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PAL 001: The Quest Quartet - Home (out now)
12", edition of 300, 11 tracks, "minimalistic, post-rock, lo-fi, slow and some noise" Good rewiew in Bergens Avisen (BA)

BBRC 005: Mapping the underground, volume 1: Don't be fooled, the sun is shining
7" vinyl, edition of 400, sleeve by steinar, 8 bands and songs: Ring, mode: 01, Watersnake, Punishment Park, the Retardos, Douglas, No Rest and Freak Oi! Accident.
Liner notes by Einar "Engelen" Engelstad: "These eight bands are not among the world's most famous. They are not the greatest perfectionists. Some of them have probably never performed outside the walls of their home-studio. But they have learned something. Not to be boring. This is a collection of songs. Musically they go in all directions. But one thing they have in common. None of them lasts for more than two minutes. You will discover that during this short time it is possible to say a lot. The poptunes didn't last much longer in the old days. A vinylsingle consisted of one song on each side of the record. In the true spirit of progress this single contains four times as much. But the most important is still preserved. The ability to express the most essential. And nothing else."

BBRC 004: Vehiculos De Ocasion - beneath an incline
7" heavy vinyl, edition of 100, sleeve by steinar, 10 tracks, "experimental, instrumental, improvised, Lo-Fi"
Apartmant Records wrote: "Second release from Vehiculos De Ocasion lacks the generally melancholy and tender mood the debut, but there are truly great moments here. Ranging from electric guitar terror to sore pop-beauty. Hope to see a full-length LP from this band some time soon!"

BBRC 003: Quest - Highway of Love (sold out)
7" heavy vinyl, edition of 100, sleeve by steinar, 4 tracks, "twin guitar-orientated, riff + sounds"
Apartment Records wrote: "The guys from Vehiculos De Ocasion plus Benjamin Helland doing the guitar-bass-drums-vocal thingy. Pretty good and loud A5 emo-rock."

BBRC 002: Vehiculos De Ocasion - Vehiculos De Ocasion (sold out)
7" heavy vinyl, edition of 100, sleeve by steinar, 6 tracks, "experimental, instrumental, improvised, Lo-Fi"
Apartment Records wrote: "Andrč Algrřy and Steinar Sekkingstad with Kenneth Straume among others represent both this band and new label, located in Bergen. First track on side A sounds like a distorted Motorpsycho-track, but the other tracks have much more identity and distinctive stamp. A good sentimental feel to it all, some brilliant electric guitar-parts (sometimes reminding of the Captain’s works) to be found, with electronics, samples, acoustic guitar, voices, drums (free!) and piano. Impressive debut."

BBRC 001: Quest - Perfume
CD, edition of 500, sleeve by steinar, 7 tracks, "hard-core, pop, experimental, country"

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