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Welcome to the Behcet's Chat Room.
 To start Chatting select the Enter Chat Room Here button above.  NO complicated registrations, passwords or downloads required.  Just enter any name you wish to be known by.  NOTICE: If you get a message saying the chat name you entered is already in use, please CANCEL and enter a different unique name. Do Not Enter a Password for this chat room.

Barring unforeseen emergencies, there is a volunteer host in the chatroom on SATURDAYS starting at 9pm GMT (4pmEST). We hope to see you then!

For a Word document that visually explains how to use the chat room, either select the following link or right-click to download a Word document. How to Use the Behcet Chat Room.doc

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This Chat room is not associated with any one organization or group although several individuals and organizations have supported the creation of this website. I can not express the gratitude felt towards all the volunteers, all the support, and all the hard work that has been donated to this site.  So many worked together to ensure that there was a Chat room available for all Behcet's Disease Patients (BDer's).  It is wonderful to be part of a growing network of individuals and organizations that foster teamwork, support and above all kindness.  Every attempt has been made to ensure that this site will provide a safe forum in which fellow BDer's can share information.  We hope you will enjoy your visit here and that when you leave, you will not feel so alone. 


Chat Room Volunteer Angel

Want to Volunteer?  If you are interested in being a Chat Room Angel, please send us email. The duties of a Chat Room Angel are simple. You sit in the chat room on the day and time of your choice and wait for other chatters to join the room. You will be supplied with support information and all you have to do is enjoy meeting others dealing with Behcet's Disease.  We notify all the Behcet's support groups that there is someone in the Chat room on your specified day and time.  History has shown us that if no one sits in the room, people will not accumulate. They come in and immediately leave if no one is there.   This service is always in need of a volunteer as Behcet's Disease is a world wide disorder that affects all nationalities and time zones.  If you are interested in your own BD chat schedule, please email one or both of the individuals below:   Site Owner or Deb Kleber


Still Having trouble or questions? Contact Us

NOTE: This chat room uses a Java chat.  Make sure you have your browser's Virtual Machine installed and switched on.  While in IE, select the Tools menu >> Internet Options >> Advanced.  Look for the item, JIT Compiler for Virtual Machine Enabled. (check box and restart your machine).  If you have any java or browser questions, visit:  or
Any problem or suggestion, please send email to:   or Deb Kleber




What is Behcet's Disease

The International Diagnostic Criteria

Behcet's Disease is a rare immune disorder that causes the inflammation of small blood vessels anywhere in the body.  The International Diagnostic Criteria is listed below.  It shows the impact this disease can have on an individual.  This disease may show up early with one or two symptoms.  In time, other symptoms by appear or disappear depending on what body systems are being affected.  The International Diagnostic is NOT intended to determine an individual diagnosis, this criteria was established only to define a homogenous group of patients for clinical trials. There is no "accepted" test to determine if you have BD.  This is also no known cure.  Because of the unpredictable and complex symptoms associated with BD, researchers have been forced to narrow their clinical drug trials to one or more symptoms associated with BD.  The diagnostic criteria varies depending on what symptom they are trying to treat. For example, the following BD symptoms have been studied and each subgroup of symptoms have a diagnostic criteria associated with it: Vasculo-Behcet's, Neuro-Behcet's, Occulo-Behcet's, GI-Behcet's, etc. (Even thought the following diagnostic criteria is outdated, it represents a wider diagnostic criteria) According to the Behcet's Syndrome Research Committee of Japan (1972), the International Diagnostic Criteria for Behcet's Disease is:

Major criteria:

  1. Recurrent Oral aphthous ulcers
  2. Genital Ulcerations
  3. Skin lesions
    • Erythema nodosum-like eruptions
    • Superficial thrombosphebitis
    • Pustular skin lesions
    • Hyperirritability of the skin (pathergy)
  1. Eye Lesions
    • Recurrent hypopyon, iritis, or iridocyclitis
    • chorioretinitis

Minor Criteria

  1. Arthritis
  2. Gastrointestinal lesions
  3. Epididymitis
  4. Vascular lesions (occlusion of blood vessels, aneurysms)
  5. Central nervous system involvement
    • Brainstem syndrome
    • Meningoencephalomyelitis syndrome
    • Organic confusional states


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Pain Scale Website that explains how to define your pain levels
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American Family Physician  Website worth reading.
VA Chronic Pain Website for VA programs

Memory Complaints In Chronic Pain Article explains that chronic Pain is a disease that causes its own symptoms.

In addition to unremitting pain, chronic pain patients can present with a complex set of additional symptoms, including paraesthesia, chronic fatigue, irritability, reduced libido, somatic preoccupation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, and cognitive disturbance. This latter complaint, which is often described by patients as "poor memory," seems to involve problems with short-term memory and retrieval as well as poor concentration and attention. Pain patients often report that they have difficulty concentrating on previously easy tasks, such as reading or watching television. They may have difficulty remembering once-familiar telephone numbers or the names of friends. They lose their train of thought or forget the topic of conversation.  They may report forgetting appointments or find themselves several kilometers from where they were supposed to be. These difficulties are often a source of social and personal embarrassment and may be commented upon by family and friends.

Both the pain behaviors and cognitive impairment reported by pain patients show a striking similarity to those symptoms noted in patients who have sustained a mild, closed head injury. Among chronic pain patients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and sustained acceleration-deceleration injuries (also referred to as "whiplash" injuries), the question arises as to whether these memory complaints could be related to an underlying head trauma.Reported memory complaints were higher in patient groups with chronic pain than in medical/dental and psychotherapy control patients. Patients with pain related to acceleration-deceleration motor vehicle accidents did not differ in reported memory complaints from patients with pain stemming from non-deceleration, work injuries. The results suggest that differences in memory complaint between pain patients, psychotherapy patients, and medical and dental patients when measured by a more general memory complaint questionnaire, such as the MOQ2, may be more a function of depression than of pain. Anxiety and more specifically depression; however, would not appear to be able to account for all of the differences in memory complaint between pain patients and controls. Differences between pain patients and controls were still evident on the CPMCQ even after depression and anxiety had been partialled out.

(R.F. Schnurr, et. al., Memory Complaints in Chronic Pain, The Clinical Journal of Pain, 1995; Vol 11, No. 2, 103-110)


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Chat Ethics

If you have any questions about BD chat room policies or rules, please read our Behcet's Youth Chat Room Guildlines or our Terms of Use and Disclaimer below.  Currently, we have official chat schedules each week. On these nights, we try to discuss Behcet's Disease, welcome new patients, and offer tips about other safe BD websites.   We know that there are times when people would like a less structured chat room for simple chatting with BD friends.   The room is always open so you can schedule your own semi-private chat time with friends.   Please just don't schedule separate private chat events during the official chat times.   Use the room to make friends and discuss topics of interest whatever they may be.   All we ask is that everyone remember that BDers need a kind environment.  Pornography is not acceptable and we ask that chatters not get confrontational in the chat room or force their views regarding politics, religion, etc. on anyone although these are acceptable topics for normal discussion.  Just be the normal friendly BDer type. 

HEALTH ISSUES:  If you are prone to sleep disorders, seizures, etc, it is acceptable to notify each Chat Angel privately or publicly of any health issue which you feel may cause concern or even frighten other chatters. This is a personal decision which only you can make.  You can tell other chatters what you would like them to do, what not to do, or even who to contact in case of an emergency.  Please remember that this is an International chat room so it would be unlikely that anything could be done to help any individual but your sharing may reduce the groups stress or their feelings of helplessness.   


Behcet's Youth Chat Guildlines

  1. No drug topics, except for medical chat.
  2. No gore-theme topics, except for medical symptoms.
  3. No foul language.
  4. No *sex* or *flirt* topics. BDYC is NOT a dating service.

Policy Regarding BDYC Illegal Activities:
(including, but not limited to, child-porn, sedition, harassment, drug trafficking, excessive swearing, sex-themes, racist comments, dating-themes)  Any user engaging in, or encouraging, illegal activity (i.e., activity that violates US Federal or State Law) will be removed from the BDYC Room.  In fact, if we have reason to believe that a user tends toward or conduces to illegal activity we will take action which might range from talking directly to, or conversely ignoring, the person in question to evacuating everyone from the room to seeking legal prosecution.  To protect ParaChat from legal issues, we will also notify them of any action taken.
BDYC Policy Regarding Harassment:

Harassment comes in many shapes and forms.  Within the BDYC room, harassment is defined as: any exchange (public or private) to which ANY involved party does not consent.  If someone is asked to stop discussing objectionable subject matter and yet continues to discuss it, it is no longer chatting; it has become harassment.  Because our chat participants can be from all walks of life, from all over the world, with many varying points of view, what one person considers objectionable may differ from what someone else considers objectionable.  Problems arise when a discussion changes from open minded to closed minded arguing, as often takes place on discussions of politics and religion.  These are very broad based topics and often tend to excite very deep personal feelings.  
BDYC Problems and Monitors:
BDYC Monitors have the power to ban participants from the BDYC room. We expect that the Monitors will exercise that power when, and only when, they have cause to believe that BDYC policies are being violated.  If you believe that a BDYC Monitor has abused her or his power, please contact us.  We will do our best to resolve any and all concerns as fairly, quickly and privately as possible.  
Policy regarding free speech within a BDYC session:
BDYC has no quarrel with freedom of expression and we support freedom of expression as it has been traditionally understood. Freedom of expression has never meant that a person could use language however she or he saw fit. Freedom of expression was defended on the grounds that rational discourse paid off immensely with respect to education, politics, and personal growth. However, language as a tool, can serve more than just this purpose.  Language can be used in many ways, including as a tool to hurt others.  The BDYC Session is intended for a younger audience and our goal is to create a safe environment for all involved not to restrict free speech.  
BDYC Future Policy:
We reserve the right to impose further case-by-case restrictions for the BDYC.  As such, a rule does not specifically have to be written down here to be enforced. 


Terms of Use and Disclaimer

  • Disclaimer:  The Independent Behcet's Chat room is not associated with any one individual, group or organization.  All services have been volunteered by caring individuals and they are not liable for anything that happens in this room.  The people that enter this room are either volunteers or individuals interested in chatting with other BDer.  There may be people who volunteered to be a room moderator.  They are here to welcome chatters and help people gather on chat nights. Everyone on this site, including the volunteers, are either dealing with Behcet's Disease or knows someone that is suffering from this disorder.  This group is not an organization and therefore is not liable in any way for any of the content of this site.  This site is not edited by a Medical Doctor, and is in no way a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  The use of knowledge obtained through this site is at the users' own risk and responsibility, and should be in cooperation with a specialist physician.  Any health or other problems that may evolve as a result of the use of this site or its content is by no means the responsibility of any of the individuals listed, story or displayed on this site.  We have right to change any and all of the content of this site (including the terms of use) at any time without prior notice as we see fit.
  • Privacy:  This site agrees to respect its users' privacy, and will not share any personal information obtained through private mail with any other body without prior consent.
  • Copyright 2002:  All Rights Reserved.  The content of this site belongs to this site alone (unless otherwise stated) and will not be copied or used for commercial purposes by any other party.  However, it can be used for personal purposes, providing it is copied as a whole, with a written acknowledgement of the source.  For publication on the internet, a prior consent is needed, as is an acknowledgement of the source with a link to this site.  In case of doubt contact us.
  • If you have a problem with any of the terms of use, contact us, or do not enter this site.  By entering this site you fully accept all its terms of use.