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The Ballad Of Mary
(R Jones, T Kew)

Oh My lord Jesus Christ

Lets GO to Bethlehem
To a special little lady there

Mary, Mary, Mary etc.

Now my son Jesus
He's the son of God (oh yeah)
And I don't know what to do with him
I've had to raise him to save the Earth
from the Devil and the Damned ever since Birth

And thats a lot of pressure
for one little lady
And post natal depression
I'm going stir-crazy

Now Joseph, My husband
He's a man (he's a mmmmaaaaaaannnnnn oh yeah)
He has needs like any other
But I can't have sex because I'm Jesus's mother


I gave birth in a crappy little stable
With straw scracthing my bum (bum, bum, bum)
With the shepards poking around at the sheep
And the wise men poking me- Jesus's mum

The little bugger don't stop crying
If he doesn't stop soon I'm gonna be dying
Everyone else won't get out of my face
I might as well go on Rikki Lake

Talk to the hand cause the ears don't wanna hear ya

CHORUS (Rousing)

Mary, Mary.............. + Ab Libs to fade

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We are in no way affiiated with Mary and/or her son Jesus Christ. To contact either of these people, please visit your local church or consult The Bible.