Since language can often be a barrier to true communication - We prefer to let our compositions do the talking for us - in the universal language of music.  We strive to ignite within each listener the raw primal essence of music and rhythm - which binds us all together as a singular entity enrapt by our entranced appreciation of the cosmic dance. We do not utilize lyrics much as we prefer to let the music itself evoke deep inner landscapes which can, over time, propel the listener into states of deeper universal understanding and possibly even profound transcendant states of being.  Samyazel draws its' identity from the ancient Enochic legend of the Fallen Angel who taught humankind about music, rhythm and dance.  He invented the first instruments and through his talents, enchanted the whole of the human race with his intoxicating music.  We are all slaves to the rhythm of the beat.  For it is the rhythm of Life.