Hello, and welcome to the Anu Records homepage. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Anu Records is not your "conventional" record label, so please allow us a moment to introduce ourselves and tell you about what we do.

Anu Records is a privately owned, independent record label specializing in Experimental, World and Electronica music. We are 100% Pagan owned and operated. We are a truly independent label in every sense of the term. We do not produce our music based solely upon the desire for fame or fortune - but rather, for the love of the music itself. Our devotion is to the concept that the uplifting power of music can be utilized for spiritual transformation, personal enlightenment and ultimately for social change.

Anu Records was born out of another of our endeavors - The Watchers Guild Fellowship (WatchersGuild.org) - which is host to a shamanic religious order known as Anunnakism. Several years ago a number of our musically gifted members gathered together to produce and record some compositions. This music was initially designed for our religious festivals and dance rituals. The result of these recording sessions led to the establishment of our first musical act, Samyazel and their album entitled Igigi - a celebration of the ancient Mesopotamian Deities. Initially we sought ways to make our music available to the membership of the Fellowship and ultimately the general public. Hence, Anu Records was established for this purpose.