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26/12/01 NEW! Now finished, another ER crossover and the 4th in out School Ties series ... believe it or not it's ER/Moulin Rouge: more music, singing dancing and weird conincidences than you may have bargained as Luka meets a blast from his past.
Emergency Rouge![ER/MR]

Also up on the site, but I have yet to create a Moulin Rouge archive, is 'All Quiet on the Western Front' [C] Set post-Satine, Christian contemplates in the Somme.

All Quiet on the Western Front

So, here it is finally, an archive where you can find everything I wrote before I went to the dark side.

So come on in, re-read the stuff you liked the first time round (Big BrothER, Two Years On, If These Walls Could Talk, Recoil, Shooting the Past) and the new stuff, such as my collaboration series 'School Ties' with Carrie Verkman.

General Disclaimer: All stories have their own disclaimer, but I reiterate the fact that I don't own ER, Amblin Productions, Michael Crichton & John Wells do. So don't sue me, just read, enjoy and have fun!

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