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Theories On Vortexes & Ectoplasm

Christopher Bohar

The most common paranormal phenomenon encountered are usually Vortexes and Ectoplasm. For the most part they are almost as common as orbs. As with orbs there are also theories surrounding both phenomenon. One theory regarding vortexes, and the one I subscribe to, is that they are a portal between dimensions in which spirits may incorporate in possible "astral travel", whether it be from their world to ours or between sub-dimensions that may exist in the Hereafter. As for ectoplasm I belive it is un-concentrated spirit energy that is disapated and which can form into orbs as well (photographically speaking this ectoplasm forming into consdensed orbs has been documented). Both are commonly captured on film and video! Listed below are additional theories on both topics. Vortexes first, then ectoplasm.

Here are additional theories on vortexes-

1.)Vortexes could very well be portals from dimension to dimension,which is the theory I go with. This is probably the most well excepted theory at the time of this writing.

2.)Another theory is that a vortex may be of an orb or orbs in motion. Maybe that's why it sometimes seems to look like that there are orbs forming a contrail in photographs but they could be just traveling through the vortex, either way both are plausible theories. The orb theorie could also explain why the vortex always seems to be bending in different directions.

3.)This is another cheap theory that most skeptics go by is that the vortex could just be a camera strap. I viewed some pics in which the camera strap got in the way of the lens and it looks pretty convincing to the untrained eye. I rarely use cameras with a strap and if you do you should keep it out of the way of the lens.Usually when the vortex seems twisting or seems to look fake its probably a strap. This does not explain all the strange pictures of transparent vortexes and the orbs moving through them, though!Most ghost hunters can explain camera straps away the instant they see them!For example-if the "vortex" is too dark, has a uniform pattern like stitching, or is bent in such a way to suggest a camera strap. If you suspect you may have a camera strap and not a legitimate vortex then look for what I have mentioned and you can probably tell that which is legitimate from that which is merely a camera strap.The best way to avoid this is to simply remove the camera strap from your camera/s as I do or at least keep is away from the lens. You would be surprised how many reputable paranormal websites contain "concrete evidence" of vortexes that look remarkably similar to a Minolta camera strap. I don't recall real vortexes having a major brand name on them unless they're into marketing now. In any case, just use common sense!

An Ectoplasm formation moves through the air at
Superstition Mountain

Copyright Arizona Winter Visitor Newspaper 2/12/01

Here are some theories on ectoplasm-

1.)The theory I stick with is that ectoplasm is un-condensed spirit energy that has simply not yet formed into orbs or another anomaly. Many ghost hunters find this theory to be the most plausible!

2.)Another theory (well, not a theory but a fact) is that so-called "ectoplasm" is simply clouds or fog which can be outside that have an effect on the lens which can make these supposedly "paranormal" images appear. This has happened several times to me so make sure you go out when conditions are nice, no wind, fog, rain, dust, snow, cold weather, high humidity, etc., and DEFINITELY make sure that the lens of your camera is ABSOLUTELY CLEAN! In indoor investigations this problem is usually avoided.

3.)Another theory is that ectoplasm could be electro-magnetic energy from the Earth but I don't go by this theory. It has been reported that electromagnetic fields are typically their strongest during lunar cycles and are usually not otherwise strong enough "energy-wise" to be caught on film. If the electro-magnetic theory is true then why so many AUTHENTIC ectoplasm photos taken at times that do not coincide with strong lunar tides? I'll let the skeptics answer that one!

4.)Another plausible theory is that ectoplasm is residual spirit energy that is left behind from a spirit that was recently in the area of where the photo was taken --- this may coincide with Theory 1!

Ectoplasm and vortexes are not "concrete" evidence per se' but if they are captured using proper procedures then they certainly can gain much more credibility when they are caught on film! Again, a little common sense goes a long way!









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