Riley Martin & O-Qua Tangin Wann ~ The Coming of Tan

Martin Letters
number ~ 5
July 2005

A Letter from Tan

Intro :
Riley :        Dear Wayfarers and all who have yet to become so.  I bid you peace and love.  Recently, I spoke at length with Tan.  I told him how heavy the burden of this mission has become.  I informed him of the fact that my lack of resources often finds me struggling to keep body and soul together.  He said to me Friend Martin, pick up your quill and write these words.   

Tan :           Beloved Wayfarers, we have felt your vibrations and found you pleasing unto the etheric value of the Universal Equation.  We have taken your message and found you all languishing in the zone of the positive.  I am bound by celestial directives which forbids me to alter the continuum.  Thus it lay in your hands, to grant by your care, that my beloved friend Martin shall continue upon this noble mission to induce logic into the comprehension of humans and may haps save your noble species from probable extinction.  Time is of the essence.

                     Friend Martin is but one among the number of messengers.  Yet we proclaim him foremost among the number.  Be advised dear wayfarers that you have done your duty.  You do not owe any allegiances, nor love to friend Martin, though he surely loves you.  Your wayfarer status shall not be diminished.

                    Yet I make this request of you.  That you touch your resources and extend your blessings unto my friend Martin.  Add to your mystic symbol numbers and that of your loved ones.  Purchase further the documented data ~ book~ The Coming of Tan, so that he may not be found wanting of the necessitations to continue this work.

                    The laws of action and reaction, assures that your fortunes shall grow in proportion with your love and acquisitions.  Dear wayfarers, know you this fact.  Your name is written upon the celestial chronicles.  Our gratitude and protection is yours without question. We shall have need of your council and vibrations in future skies.  Let peace be yours.

O-Qua Tangin Wann

from page 5 ~ The Coming of Tan




26 September 1990


Recited to :

by :

Riley Martin

O-Qua Tangin Wann


Riley called him ~ Tan


I have traveled far and swiftly, across yon deep and leaning sky:

I have witnessed a nova's burst, and saw a living planet die.

Across the voids of space unmeasured, Oh yea, Omsa-La-Juwann:

I have pierced the quantum octaves, mastered hyper warps in time.


Vaulting onward o'er the spiral, on a journey here to save:

Fellow beings wrought of madness, from yon weeping, living grave.

Nestled there upon the ether, as a jewel among the stones:

Earth the precious orb of legend, soon your glowing shall be done.


Children of the living waters, possessors of the staff of reason:

Beings of celestial promise, doomed to perish in mid-season.

From the stone axe to the heavens, lo' the vision did not fade:

Still that pulsing seed of hatred, lay thy fate beneath the spade.


Before me the planet lay in shambles, eco-destruction beyond repair:

By the greed of false controllers, acids now permeate the air.

Pristine waters from the mountains, die en-route down to the sea:

Thus to hasten soon the horror, the sapien race may cease to be.


All my dreams of bio-perfection, was but just a futile deed:

Seeking to create a pure utopia, we unleashed a monster seed.

Still within them lay the spirit, to transcend the rabid beast:

And to comprehend the Omsa of the elements of peace.


Oh ye' marvels of creation, why have you not sought the light:

Must you fade into the shadows, of that still, cold azure night.

Unto you my sign is written, there upon the living fields.

Lo' the circle is eternal, though you perish, you yet shall live.


Interfacing the acids, beneath some new Jurassic sea:

To turn again and scan the heavens, and to learn again to be, to be.

If I did not breach your stratus, you would surely some day breach mine:

Tis a factor without question, tis a factor but of time.


I have not returned to conquer, nor to alter the flow of fate:

But simply to gather a certain number, soon before it is too late.

Too unstable to embrace, yet far too noble to cast away:

Beautiful life form though unsuccessful, might succeed another day:

There upon the flowering meadows, Oh, shining precious Biaveh.

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