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Colors for close-in and manuvering flying


close-in manuvering colors

When a plane can swap top and bottom very rapidly, it is important to know what side you're seeing... A ZAGI type for instance....

Somethin' Extra

For medium to distant flying, with manuvering involved, top-bottom becomes very important, as well as orientation. These planes show why a light colored top and dark colored bottom are most effective: The white stripes on the bottom of this Sometthin' Extra really enhance manuvering at a distance..
SIG Fazer with CAP type tail end, very easy to fly

Semi-scale with stripes is VERY visible


SIG Ultimate Fun Fly

Orange (dark) white (light)


StickIt V6

Yellow with big blue patches on the bottom... easy to see


Sloper wings NEED instant top-bottom


...Treatise on color....

..Colors for high altitudes..

..Electric Gentle Lady.....

..Full-scale Sukhoi, Extra, Edge..

..Vee-tail camera plane..

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