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Several methods to mount the upper wing

There's as many ways as there are wings...


Image 1.. music wire with solder tabs and screws into plywood
Image wire into tabs in the wing, wheel collars and safety wire
Image 3.. Welding rod with ends fitted around screws..into plywood
Image 4.. music wire with brass tubing soldered.. long screws thru tabs.
Image 5.. plywood cabane, bolted to plywood rib..outer struts mandatory!(image 8)
Image 6..combination of dowels and bolted tabs..dowels at the front..
Image 7..Aluminum struts bolted together, and to plywood in the wing .outer struts mandatory!(image 8)
Image 8..Outer wing struts.. bolts thru plywood
Image 9..brass tabs with screws into plywood
Image 10..Nose landing gear nylon blocks, wire, and wheel collars
Image 11..Another version of Image 8.. strut captures the tab.
Image 12.. Wing end of parasol strut..bolt thru tab
Image 13..Fuselage end of parasol strut.. bolt thru tab.


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