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Virgin Freak is my 1st full length release and debut release from Love Muffin Records. I am very proud of the recording quality I was able to get using a 4-track Portastudio and minimal microphones. The guitars were recorded in my bedroom and the drums in my basement during the summer of 1994. I took this cassette to college with me when I went back in the Fall, and sold around 100 copies. This project features two songs I wrote in high school, "Judas" and "The Friendies.". Judas was named because my friend said it sounded like a Judas Priest song. The Friendies was named after a group of 4 hot girls in college who called themselves the "friendies". I also wrote a song for my friend John and let him sing on it. The title came from a note I'd taped onto my dorm room door asking people to write down suggestions. I'd made a 4 song demo cassette the year before and circulated it around the campus. To hear a song, check out the Audio section. Below are some photos taken while recording the album

This was reissued on CD and digitally in 2014. My first attempt at using crowdfunding sites was successful, as my Kickstarter camapaign exceeded it's goal.