This is just a little warning. No need to be scared really.
There's just two things I'd like to tell you before you start to look around this site, alrighty?

First of all, some may have realize this already, I'm not that good in english. I mean, I'm alright, but I'm not bilingual and I have serious problems with grammar and such! So, please if you notice some mistakes on this site (and I know there's loads of 'em!) just write me a lil note at soybaby@death-star.com and tell me what's wrong and I'll change it. Thank you!

Second, there's two things I really hate and it's misquoting and crazy fans (which is really ironic, yes you can say it!). I just want to say a few things. So please note; I don't know Graham and he probably wouldn't want to know me anyway. All the things written here on this site may be completely wrong, like 2007 miles away from the truth but who knows the truth about Graham really? I mean, his name could be Graeme Coxun? Who knows, only him knows who he is in privacy and he rules *his* life. Not us.. And, even if I consider myself a big fan of him, I don't want to know the truth about Graham, I prefer my imagination, because talking about a person I'd really know, would be kind of freakish to me.. So here's a site about an "imaginary" Graham. So, what I'd like to say is : just keep in mind, only Graham know who he is, not us.

enough of the lecture. enjoy the site!

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