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  Pharmacist Mate 3rd Class Marilyn (Miller) Jackson was a Navy Nurse in World War II.  She is wonderfully descriptive, and has a beautiful easy smile.  She had the opportunity to escort Helen Keller around her hospital in California.

  Marilyn also told an unbelievable (but very true) story about Frank Sinatra's show in the auditorium at Bethesda hospital.

Ensign Virginia (Mahafee) Loftus has been in nursing since 1945.  Her stories include:

Career Choice

Early mentor Dr. Nelson Bell

(Dr. Nelson's daughter, Ruth, married Billy Graham.)

Burns without scars

(Dr. Ludwig's simple burn treatment left burn victims of the USS Franklin without scars)


Major Ginny (Edds) Defourneaux is the perfect match for her husband Major Rene Defourneaux. While Rene's story is of epic proportions, it hardly over shadows Ginny's exploits.  Come and meet one of my favorite friends. 

Gertie Comstock the telephone operator in Dugger, Indiana

(Photo provided by Gertie's grandson Rick Smith)



Oak Ridge, building the bomb and bombing the General

The poor Marine

Japanese invasion