Yeoman Raymond Davis served his fellows well in the Navy.  His career is distinguished far beyond this short review.

This interview may be the most historically significant of any we do.  Much has been recorded about the ships in Pearl Harbor during the attack, but little about the fleet out to sea during the attack.  The following audio clips cover the World War II career of Raymond's ship, the USS Porter.  Also included are clips about Naval battles at Guadalcanal, Midway, and the battle of Santa Cruz, where Raymond witnessed the sinking of the USS Hornet, and his own ship, the USS Porter.

The Porter gets a refit

This is not a drill!!

The enemy submarine activity after the Pearl Harbor attack

Sonar contact!

Midway and the Aleutians

 The first Naval battle of Guadalcanal

 The battle of Santa Cruz, loss of the Hornet

 The sinking of the Porter